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Dragon Ball ep 56 - Woohoo! Arale Rides the Cloud


Goku meets Arale on the steps of her home (the Norimaki residence, in Penguin Village), and her friends, the Ga-chan. Arale wants Goku to stick around and play with her and the Ga-chan, but Goku is in a hurry to find General Blue. He rides Kinto Un to the mountain where the general had crashed, but neither Blue nor the Dragon Balls remain! And there's Arale and Ga-chan, having run as fast as Kinto Un to catch up to Goku! So Goku lets them onto Kinto Un (and they can ride it!) and together they search for General Blue!

But someone else has already found Blue...

The eater of dried plums...!!
Suppa Man.

And he shows Blue the Suppa Man Lightning Punch!!

"Well?! Are you scared yet?!"
"So what can I do for you, Mister?"
(Clearly those Goku vs. Suppaman debates have been greatly exaggerated)

Blue requests a Capsule with an airplane so he can leave Penguin Village. But Suppaman doesn't know what a Capsule is! So he suggests Blue look for Senbei Norimaki, a village's local scientist! And then Blue takes Suppaman's car and drives away.

"I suppose I'll let you go for today..."

Meanwhile, Goku and Arale meet up with Arale's friends, Akane and Taro. They both try to get on the Kinto Un, but embarrassingly they cannot. That's when Goku asks Taro if he's a police officer who catches bad guys, and informs him he's looking for a bad guy from the Red Ribbon Army.

"The Red Ribbon's in Penguin Village?!"
(Does this mean that Penguin Village is part of the Dragon World? If so, then is Dr. Slump the prequel to Dragon Ball?)

Taro rushes off to inform the other police officers that the Red Ribbon Army has come to Penguin Village!

 Suppaman's car breaks down, which leaves the terrifying Blue stranded.
 But a helpful young lad, Obotchaman, repairs the engine for him.
 "My type!!"
 Blue develops an instant crush on the boy, but when he asks him on a date, Obotchaman says he doesn't need anything in return and runs off happily.
Blue rejected. );

Taro and his fellow police officers arrive on the scene, and nervously ask for Blue's driver's license. He insists casually that he forgot it that day. Taro tells him they'll need to take him down to the station, cuffs Blue, and Blue breaks those cuffs. The officers pull out their guns, and Blue casually kicks the firearms out of their hands, then smashes them into a ball. "Aren't you a little too old to be playing with toys?"

Then Blue punches Suppaman's car into pieces, and steals the police car. As he rides off, Goku and Arale arrive on Kinto Un. Taro tells Goku that Blue just drove down the road, and Goku immediately rushes after him! But Arale is left behind, so she rushes forward, following Goku! Goku passes Blue up, who drove the car into some bushes to hide from Goku. But as he pulls out, thinking he's in the clear...

Arale smacks right into the police car, sending it flying!!

Ga-chan eats the police car, so Arale gives Blue some poop on a stick as thanks for the food. "Get away from me! I loathe nothing more than girls and poop!" (Clearly Blue isn't German.)

Blue runs away, so Arale and Ga-chan find Goku, who has been questioning everyone in Penguin Village about where Blue might be. Arale asks if he's found the bad guy yet, and Goku has a brainwave! He takes out the Dragon Radar, and plans to locate him with that! But it's broken again!! He curses it, thinking he'll have to take it to Bulma again. So he asks Arale if she knows where Kame Sen'nin lives. She doesn't, but she knows someone else who might be able to fix it!! The Doctor!

Senbei Norimaki!

But Senbei isn't even sure what a Dragon Ball is! Though his brilliant son, the baby Turbo, suggests that the Dragon Radar is made to pick up special frequencies. But even when Senbei opens it, he can't make heads or tails of the advanced circuitry!

Senbei, upon learning that a teenage girl made it.

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