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Dragon Ball ep 57 - A Face-off! Arale vs. Blue

Try as he might, Senbei can't make heads or tails of the Dragon Radar. But with Midori's (his totally banging wife) confidence, Senbei cannot bare to give up!!

 "I don't know the meaning of the word 'impossible'!"
At this point, Goku is pretty sure Senbei is some kind if goblin.

Midori makes Goku, Arale, and the Ga-chans some snacks (cookies for Goku, scrap metal for the Ga-chans, and a bottle full of oil for Arale), as Goku explains what Dragon Balls are to them. Arale and Midori are captivated by the romance of them, and Arale says she'd like to wish for a bigger chest and a hunk of metal for the Ga-chans.

 Turbo realizes his dad is in trouble, so he uses his baby genius powers...
 ...and fixes the Dragon Radar in an instant!
Then gives his dad the credit.
D'awww, what a good son!!

 "Um, you can only ask Shen Long for one wish."
 "How come?"
 "How come? I don't know either..."
But as Senbei calls for Goku, to tell him the Radar is fixed...
General Blue arrives!

But Blue isn't happy to see Goku and "that runt" (Arale) are at the Norimaki residence Suppaman told him he could find an airplane! And when Goku turns on the Dragon Radar to look for the Dragon Balls, he sees there's some near him! So Goku and Arale follow the Radar, as Blue attempts to evade them... but his luck runs out...

Having been found out, Blue takes Arale hostage!!
 "Dammit! Let her go!"
 "Don't move! You all stay right there or she dies!"
 "Um... I'm not sure who you are, but doing that is dangerous..."
 "That's right! One little slice and her head comes off!"
"No, that not what I mean..."

Goku shouts for Blue to return his Dragon Balls, but Blue uses his Psychic Powers to once again stun Goku!!! So Blue steals Goku's radar, putting it in his pocket, and tosses Bulma's backpack (full of Dragon Balls) into Senbei's airplane. Then Blue uses his Psychic powers to cut a tree into a giant stake, and prepares to shove it through Goku's body!!

 "Arale! Go play a rough game of Pro-Wrestling with that guy!"
 "Ok! Yay!!"
 "Arale Kick!"

Goku is flabbergasted by Arale's strength! "You sent him flying really far away?! Y-you're amazing!" "But the Ga-chans are strong too! And my friend Obotchaman is strong too!"

"There's tons of guys stronger than me... I need to train even more!"

Goku recovers the Dragon Balls from Senbei's airplane, but unfortunately Blue had the Radar in his pocket. Not to worry, though! Turbo memorized the Dragon Radar's designed, and builds Goku a brand new one from parts of his dad's airplane! Woot!

So Goku calls Kinto Un and prepares to leave Penguin Village,
"The next time there's a Tenka-ichi tournament, you should enter it!"
Bye-cha, Goku!

Meanwhile, General Blue phones Commander Red to inform him he's managed to steal the boy's Radar. Red tells him to return to HQ at once, but there's a slight hiccup...
...he's stranded in the middle of a desert...

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