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Dragon Ball ep 58 - The Sacred, Yet Omnious Land of Karin

General Blue rides a camel through the desert, after having been sent flying there by Arale Norimaki. He curses that brat, Son Goku, for making his job so difficult. He swears the boy will pay!

Meanwhile, at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, Commander Red is feeling the same sentiment as Blue. Adviser Black reports that Son Goku is heading west, where Colonel Yellow is searching for a Dragon Ball. Red is outraged that Yellow still hasn't found the Dragon Ball, and wants to end this "game" quickly.

Colonel Yellow.

At that moment, half the world away, Colonel Yellow's men have found the Dragon Ball... in the belly of a volcano! They try to use a helicopter to chopper a man into the volcano to grab it, but the volcano explodes! The Dragon Ball is sent flying a few kilometers away, deep into the Land of Karin.

Karin Tower.

Two Karin Natives, a man and his son, fish from the river near Karin tower. When a giant fish (like the one Goku captures in the first episode) tries to eat the child, his father smacks it away. The boy weeps, frightened by his scrape with death. But his father comforts him, simply saying, "Don't not weep. We have the divine protection of our god. You need fear nothing at all."

The child, Upa, and his father, Bora, return to their simple dwelling beneath the tower; their catch of the day in hand. But as Upa starts a small fire for cooking, balls of magma rain upon them! Bora throws his massive body over his son, and takes several direct hits to the back. But Bora is a powerful man, and is physically unharmed... but he sees the eruption of that volcano to be a particularly bad omen.

Amongst the magma, they discover the mysterious Dragon Ball...
 And that's when the Red Ribbon arrive.
 Yellow and his men try to force Bora into working for them, until they notice he has the Dragon Ball!
 Then they try to shoot him.
And that doesn't work at all.
 That's when Bora throws down.
And Yellow, as if taking cue from his name, turns tail and runs.

Colonel Yellow phones Commander Red, saying that their enemy (thinking Bora is in league with Son Goku) has the Dragon Ball. Red tells him that if he does not correct his mistake, he will call in the world's most notoriously deadly assassin: Tao Pai Pai. The name strikes fear in both Yellow and Black's hearts. Yellow comes up with a new plan, hoping to avoid the wrath of Tao...

Meanwhile, General Blue has returned to RR HQ.
And when a subordinate doesn't recognize him without his full uniform on, Blue kills him in one hit.
(Clearly Blue is feeling a bit cranky with all the sand in his... boots.)

Yellow snatches Upa from his helicopter, then flies high above Bora, dangling his son in front of him. He shouts for Bora to throw him the Dragon Ball, or else he'll drop Upa to certain death. Bora sees no other options, so he prepares to give the ball to the Colonel, when...

"I've seen your type of plane somewhere before...
I got it! You're with the Red Ribbon Army!"

Bora thanks Goku for rescuing his son, but Goku insists that it wasn't a big deal. He wanted to beat up that Red Ribbon guy, anyway. And then Goku sees it, cliched between Bora's massive fingers.

 Son Gohan's memento!
"I did it! It's the 4-star ball! I found Grandpa's 4-star ball!"

But don't celebrate too soon, Son Goku!
Tao Pai Pai is revealed!!!

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