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Dragon Ball ep 59 - It's Him! The World's Greatest Assassin, Tao Pai Pai

General Blue has returned to Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, and he is not in a good mood. When one of the soldiers greets him on his return, Blue quips angrily, "I would never die that easily." But down the hallway, in Commander Red's office, waits the world's most notorious killer...

Tao Pai Pai.

Before Commander Red can give Tao his mission, Tao informs him that his fee is very high: 100 million zeni for every person he kills. "However, you are very lucky." Tao goes on. "This year marks my 20th year as an assassin, so I'm having a 50% off sale." Thus, making it 50 million zeni per-person. What a price! "Are you really Tao Pai Pai?" Assistant Black inquires. Tao Pai Pai smirks, "Would you like to find out for yourself?"

Blue enters the office, proudly presenting his Commander with the Dragon Radar. But Red is not impressed. His mission was to obtain the Dragon Balls, and yet he still lost them to Son Goku. And the punishment for failure is death. But Red gives Blue one chance for redemption: Defeat Tao Pai Pai in combat, and he can continue on his mission.

Tao informs Red that he'll be charging for killing Blue, and the Commander gives the okay, so long as he shows his skills. Blue smirks, and offers Tao the use of a weapon. Tao smiles and tells Blue he won't need to use his arms or legs.

 True to his word, Tao is too quick for Blue to hit!
 So Blue employs his Psychic Powers, hoping to finish Tao quickly!
But once again, true to his word, Tao kills Blue in a single blow to the brain.
With his tongue.
(To quote Tao in the American dub of DB movie 3, "Mystical Adventure")
"He should have watched his tongue. And mine."

Tao is surprised when Black hands him a photo of his target, and it is the "little boy", Son Goku. But Black assures him, he is no mere boy. Tao has no moral qualms, "Well, as long as I receive the money owed to me, I will exterminate anyone you wish." They give Tao the coordinates of Goku's location, in the Land of Karin, and offer him a jet. But Tao has no need for jets. (Again quoting the dub of DB movie 3) "Why waste a jet when we have a perfectly good pillar, right here?"

 Tao rips a pillar from the RR base, chucks it into the air,
then rides it like a motherfucking boss.

Goku explains Shen Long and the Dragon Balls to Bora and Upa. Then Bora explains to Upa that such greed is the downfall of many men - as he observes that Goku has no such desire; only the love for his Grandfather. Goku, curious about the giant tower, asks about it, and Bora tells of a great hermit said to live atop Karin Tower

 If a man can use his own strength, and climb to the very top...
 the old hermit will give him Sacred Water, which will increase his power greatly.
Bora tried as a young man, but couldn't make it.
Upa recalls legend of one man who did.
And Goku is so fucking down.

As thanks for rescuing Upa, he and Bora prepare Goku an herb soup, made from the ingredients of Karin. Goku finds it to be delicious, and Bora tells him to have as much as he likes.

 While Goku eats, Upa helps his father sharpen his spear. Bora congratulates him on a job well done.
But in the sky, Upa notices someone flying toward them...!!
 Tao Pai Pai arrives.

Tao Pai Pai tells Goku that he has been hired by the Red Ribbon Army, to kill him and take his Dragon Balls. But Bora, as honorable defender of the Land of Karin, refuses to have Tao harm anyone. Goku insists that he fight Tao, but Bora is adamant. 

 But Tao Pai Pai, the world's most notorious assassin, who killed General Blue with nothing more than his tongue, proves too strong for Bora to even land a blow on... Struggle as he might, Bora cannot budge his spear from Tao Pai Pai's grip. Then Tao gives it back to him...

 He tosses Bora into the air...
 And throws his spear through his chest.
 Bora lands... dead.

Son Goku flies into a rage like never before!
The battle between Goku and Tao Pai Pai begins now!!

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