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Dragon Ball ep 61 - Karin-sama of Karin Tower

Finally, after a day and a half of climbing, Son Goku makes it to the top of Karin Tower!! "I wonder where the strength-increasing water is..." Goku approaches three pots in the strange room. Each give him a different vision.

The first shows him Kuririn and Bulma, back at Kame House.
The second shows him his meeting with Chichi from weeks earlier.
 And the last one shows him a strange old woman,
and an old man in a cat mask.

"What was that?" Goku asks out loud. "Your three worlds." A disembodied voice tells him. "Your world now, your world up until now, and your world yet to come." Curious, Goku follows the voice up to the top of the tower.

Introducing Karin-sama
Neko Sen'nin of Karin Tower.

"You did well to climb up here. Your speed wasn't bad either.
For someone so puny, that is."

Goku asks Karin-sama if he can show him to the hermit - and is surprised that Karin-sama is the hermit! Then he asks if he can drink the "holy something-or-other" water. "You fool. It's called the Super Spirit Water." Karin is curious about this boy, so he asks him why he came all this way to increase his strength. Goku tries to explain, about Bora, Upa, and Tao Pai Pai, and the Dragon Balls, when Karin cuts him off. "Okay, that's enough. It sounds like you're not very adept at speaking." Goku gets irritated, but Karin tells him to remain silent; At which point Karin reads his mind.

Karin tells Goku he understands he needs to defeat the assassin to revive his friend's father.
"How can you tell all that without me saying anything?!"
"I could not call myself a hermit if I could not at least read people's minds."

Karin tells Goku he bears no ill intention, so he is free to drink the water.

 But as Goku grabs for the jug, Karin knocks him away.
Goku is irritated, but Karin insists he can have as much water as he likes.
 Once more, however, Karin knocks him away.
And again.

The only way Goku can drink the water, Karin reveals, is if he can get it passed Karin. And only one other person has ever done so - Muten Roshi. And it took him three years to get the water from Karin! Deep into a storm, Goku tries again and again to snatch the Spirit Water from Karin, but to no avail!

Goku! You have to drink that water no matter what!!

Meanwhile, Tao Pai Pai takes a bath.

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