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Dragon Ball ep 62 - What Will the Effect of the Super Spirit Water Be?!

Son Goku can't afford to take three years to steal the Super Spirit Water from Karin-sama, as it took Muten Roshi. Upa is counting on him to defeat Tao Pai Pai, steal back the Dragon Balls, and resurrect Bora. "If you can't wait, then you'll need to hurry and steal this jar from me." Karin tells Goku, as he prepares to take a cat nap for "three days or so". But Goku hasn't given up yet!

 Goku launches into a furious Zanzoken volley, and lunges at Karin!
 And Karin uses a counter-Zanzoken!!
Sending our hero crashing to the floor..!

It's no good. Karin is faster than Goku, who is easily out of breath (thanks to the high altitude) and hasn't eaten since Bora fed him. He follows Karin into his bed room, but passes out before he can make another attempt at the jug. Meanwhile, Karin decides he'd like something to eat too, and wakes Goku up for meal time an hour or so later (the storm has cleared, at any rate).

Karin makes himself a full, three-course meal.
 And for Goku, who is so obviously starving...
He gives only a single bean.

"That's not fair! Keeping all the food to yourself!" Goku shouts, as Karin eats all the food. "That's a hermit bean." Karin explains, calmly, "They're called Senzu beans, and just one will keep you full for ten days." And sure enough, Goku, with all his incredible appetite, feels full after eating the Senzu bean!

But while Goku's back is turned, Karin picks up his 4-Star Ball, and chucks it out of the tower!!
Unable to bare the thought of the Red Ribbon Army getting a hold of the ball, Goku launches back down Karin Tower after it!

To Karin's surprise (and delight) Goku is back in only three hours -- when his first trip up took him a full day! As Karin takes his nap, and Goku's first day at Karin Tower comes to a close, Goku sneaks up on the old hermit, preparing to steal the jug... "No." Goku thinks, walking away from the sleeping old master. "I won't try any unfair tricks. I WILL get it, though!" And the old cat smiles, as Goku falls asleep. "He's more honest than I thought. Completely different than Muten Roshi."

The next day, Goku tries again to steal the jug of Super Spirit Water from Karin-sama, but to no avail. Karin informs him that he isn't properly reading his breathing, which is why he can't follow his movements. Goku asks him how to do that, and Karin tells him to figure it out himself. 

As the sun sets on Goku's second day, he still can't keep up with Karin's movements. But that night, as Karin sleeps, he gets a brainwave. Looking into the strange pot of water, which shows his world at the present, he sees Bulma trying to teach the residents of Kame House aerobics.

And it comes to him... how to follow Karin's breathing!!
Goku replicates all of Karin's movements, as Karin sleeps. If the old cat yawns, Goku yawns. If the old cat rubs his eyes, Goku rubs his eyes. If the old cat scratches his butt, Goku scratches his butt. And soon, even their tails are in perfect sync.

 The next day, Goku is able to keep up with Karin's movements!
 And finally, he catches him, tickling the staff and jug out of his grip!
 But the jug falls off the side of Karin Tower!
Karin shouts for Goku not to, but Goku lunges after it anyway!
Using his tail to keep himself on Karin's railing, 
Goku captures the Super Spirit Water!

Karin is astounded that it only took Goku three days! Goku asks if he can drink the water now, and Karin tells him to drink up!

But... nothing happens!! "Of course not." Karin explains. "The Super Spirit Water is ordinary, everyday water." However, Goku's strength has increased several-fold! "Now do you finally realize?" Karin says as realization dawns in Goku's face. "Going up and down Karin Tower, trying to steal the jar from me... It was all training meant to multiply your strength!"

But you better hurry up and come back down the tower, Goku! Tao Pai Pai is on his way back!!!

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