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Dragon Ball ep 63 - Son Goku's Revenge

Back at Kame House, Kuririn and Muten Roshi do their daily exercises, as Bulma works on a new invention, and Lunch brings them all something to drink. As Kuririn and Roshi break for drinks, Lunch inquires as to what Bulma's project is: "This is a Son-kun surveillance device!" With a new Dragon Radar built-in, the device will track down Goku and show them what he's up to! "You're amazing, Bulma!" Kuririn says in awe. Bulma brushes it off modestly, but Roshi insists...

 "Having these alone is impressive enough...!!"

We then learn that Bulma has taken back the Micro-Band from Roshi, after she discovered his purpose to spy on Lunch in the shower.

Meanwhile, at the Red Ribbon Army Headquarters, Commander Red is pleased to see Tao Pai Pai's three Dragon Balls moving toward Son Goku's single Dragon Ball. Black suggests they send Tao reinforcements, in case things don't go as planned (wisely predicted - at least someone has been paying attention). But Red mocks his intelligence, and says they have no need for anyone but Tao. Well, we'll see about that.

Upa wonders if Goku has managed to make it to the top of Karin Tower, after these three days since he left.

Then, Tao Pai Pai returns.

Upa tries to harm Tao with his axe, but the assassin is too quick for the child. He grasps the boy around the throat, and lifts him high above the ground, asking him for the last Dragon Ball. Upa refuses to tell him, so Tao taunts him, saying he can kill him and use the Dragon Radar instead. When Upa still remains silent, Tao throws him at Karin Tower!!

"I thought I told you to hide!"

"Did you make it to the top?! Did you drink the magical water?!" Upa pleads excitedly. "Yep!" Goku smiles. "I feel great!" 

Tao is surprised that Goku managed to survive, and Goku explains how it was his Grandpa's Dragon Ball that saved him from the Dodonpa. "You're one lucky kid..." He taunts. "But your luck has just run out. Miracles never happen twice, you know!"

Tao Pai Pai vows to end his life in 3 seconds.
Lets put his 3 seconds on the clock.

 1 second.
 2 seconds.
 3 seconds.
 4 seconds.
 5 seconds.
6 seconds.

"Your three seconds are long over!" Goku shouts.

Tao is astounded by Goku's movements. Goku (being Goku) tells him he climbed to the top of the tower. Tao ponders this, recalling the legend of the Land of Karin... could it be true?! "Did you drink something called the Super Spirit Water?!" "I did! You're pretty smart!" But Tao doesn't sulk; seeing the opportunity for some good exercise, he promises Goku that he'll fight seriously from now on.

 But no matter how hard Tao Pai Pai fights,
Son Goku has better defense,
better offense,
 and better speed!
 Goku thrashes him with a volley of hits, then sends him flying!
 Then he leaps after the assassin,

 and sends him crashing to the ground!!!

"It took me three days to make that outfit...! Damn!!
It was careless of me to go easy on you because I thought you were a kid!"
"But you said you were fighting for real!"
But the special attack that had once nearly killed Goku,
he now easily stops with his hands!

Losing all sense of himself, the furious Tao Pai Pai takes out a Hoi Poi Capsule, which turns into a sword! He swings it wildly at Goku, but with such precision that all Goku can do is dodge!

But it's Upa to the rescue! He leaps off Kinto Un, runs into his Tipi, and gets Goku his Nyoibo!

And the Nyoibo is all Goku needs to break Tao's sword utterly!

Tao has only one last move up his figurative sleeves... As Goku promises Upa he will avenge his father, Tao kicks a rock at lightning speeds toward them! Goku dodges it easily -- as Tao predicted -- but it keeps flying toward Upa! Goku leaps in the way, taking Upa and himself to the ground, as the small stone sends Bora and Upa's Tipi crashing to the ground...

And Tao Pai Pai has leaped onto Karin Tower
intent of drinking the Super Spirit Water himself!

But Goku isn't worried at all!!

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