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Bonus Content!

Here's some extra screenshots I took for episodes, which didn't fit into my blog post about them.

Son Goku with the 4-Star Ball, in Gohan's house.
Originally from episode 1.
(amazing how much more descriptive these reviews have become)

This is an animated .gif of Goku explaining to Oolong that girls don't have, well, watch it.
Originally from episode 6.

A suspicious mail box...
Originally from episode 43. 

Bulma shows off the Micro-Band to Goku... but more importantly..
is that a handsome Major Metallic poster?! 
Originally from episode 44.

 Goku, Bulma, and Kuririn nearly fall into lava! 
Originally from episode 50.

Goku wonders if Senbei Norimaki is some type of evil goblin.
Originally from episode 57.

 A mother and son look at Tao Pai Pai's anniversary sale poster.
Originally from episode 61.

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