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Dragon Ball ep 64 - The Final Tao Pai Pai

Tao Pai Pai rushes to the top of Karin Tower, intent on closing the gap between him and Goku that, he believes, was caused by the Super Spirit Water. Upa is worried that the assassin will succeed, pleading to Goku, "Are you sure it's okay to let that assassin drink the Super Spirit Water?!" "If Tao Pai Pai is going to drink the Super Spirit Water, then I'll..." "You have something better in store?!" "I'll eat food!"

As day turns into night, Goku does just that: he eats, a lot. Despite Upa's worrying, Goku remains calm about Tao. Upa figures Goku must have something special up his sleeve! "I'm just going to get some sleep!" Goku announces, to Upa's chagrin. That night, Goku dreams about his first adventure with Bulma, while Upa lays awake in fits of worry.

The following day, at Kame House, Bulma has finished a new Dragon Radar and shows it to Muten Roshi (even though the old master is obviously more interested in her breasts - I'm starting to think she likes the attention, though) -- when she discovers the signal is being jammed! Back at Red Ribbon Army HQ, Commander Red wonders if it's wise to jam the Radar, blocking their own as well. But Black is confident that Tao Pai Pai will return with the Dragon Balls soon (a complete 180 from the last episode).

Also, Bulma gets angry at Kame Sen'nin for hiding naughty pictures in his book of Oriental Philosophy. But Roshi insists he's in the middle of serious research about human anatomy.

Tao Pai Pai finally arrives at the top of Karin Tower. Like Goku, he is drawn immediately to the pot filled with water that shows his world at present. In it, he sees his most recent murders (including Bora and General Blue). Karin-sama approaches him, offering, "Well? Have you come to realize the depths of your transgressions?" Tao is surprised to see that this cat is the master of the tower, as Karin congratulates him on making it up the tower. "You sure think highly of yourself for a cat." Tao quips. "You sure think highly of yourself for an assassin." Karin retorts. Tao threatens Karin with violence if he does not make with the Super Spirit Water, so the old master tells Tao to turn around while he prepares it.

Karin promptly fills a cup with regular water.
As a bonus, he puts some boogers and spit in it, too.

Tao devises a test to see if the Super Spirit Water is genuine. He fires a Dodonpa at the holy pillar in Karin's room -- which doesn't shatter. He tells Karin that if he can't shatter that pillar after the water, he'll kill Upa (who Karin has been watching over, via his magic pots). Sure enough, even after drinking the water, he only puts the smallest crack in the pillar -- but Karin breaks it into pieces when Tao Pai Pai is raging, convincing Tao that he is genuinely stronger! Tao, elated, prepares to run back down the tower! Not wanting Tao Pai Pai to gain anymore strength, however, Karin lends him a purple Kinto Un. Tao thinks the cat is just being nice.

 Hint: Karin wasn't.

Tao swears to make Karin pay, but first he has to deal with Son Goku! Goku politely asks Tao if he wants a break first, which Tao angrily refuses

"Do you have any last words?" Tao spits. "I'll say whatever I want whenever I want!" Goku retorts.

 Tao Pai Pai unleashes a furious volley of hits, designed to utterly decimate Goku!
 Upa begins to weep, as Tao celebrates his final victory!

 Except ...
"Not bad at all! I really felt that!"
"A-are you some sort of monster?!"
"I figured you out! Now it's time for my counterattack!"

Out of options, and unable to fathom Son Goku's speed, Tao Pai Pai thinks of the only strategy left to defeat him!

 Crocodile tears.
And as Goku and Upa deliberate on whether or not to forgive him,
 He throws a grenade at them, then leaps high into the air!
 But Goku is still too quick! He kicks the grenade back at Tao!
 And that is the end of Tao Pai Pai.
(For awhile.)

Meanwhile, Bulma has fixed her new Dragon Radar, so that it works around the jamming signal. Roshi offers to take a bath with her to celebrate. She teases him... then smacks the shit out of him.

Haters gunna hate.

Finally, Goku hops aboard the Kinto Un, off to the Red Ribbon Army HQ to get the last of the Dragon Balls! Bora WILL be revived!!

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