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Dragon Ball ep 65 - Go, Goku! Commence Assault

Commander Red eagerly awaits Tao Pai Pai's return, so that he may have five Dragon Balls. With only two balls left, Black relishes that the world will soon belong to the Red Ribbon Army. Meanwhile, with Bulma's Dragon Radar in hand, Colonel Violet finds the 7-Star Ball. Now there's only one Dragon Ball left to find... or so Red thinks.

Colonel Violet is rewarded handsomely.

Back at Kame House, Bulma has completed her device meant to track Goku. So naturally Muten Roshi uses it to spy on girls at the beach. But instead gets an eyeful of man ass.

Bulma finds Goku with her surveillance device, and Lunch (who is also in the room, in her blonde, morally dubious form) is shocked to see where he's heading -- right into the base of the Red Ribbon Army! (no mention of how Lunch knows where the base is located, but I like to imagine it has to do with fire and a lot of burnt britches.) After flying closer to the base to get a confirmation shot, Muten Roshi decides they need to leave immediately to help Goku storm RRHQ. But without transportation, or a phone, they're stranded at Kame House! Well... until Turtle reminds Bulma that she could probably just... make a phone.

So Bulma calls the only person that could possibly help them...!!


Unfortunately, after Dr. Brief answers the phone (and makes the totally awesome pun, "Rotten bananas aren't very a-peeling".), he gives Yamcha the phone. So yeah. He comes too.

And Oolong is dragged along reluctantly.

The final confrontation between Goku and the Red Ribbon Army is drawing closer still!!!
The episode ends with this totally awesome music video detailing the whole adventure.

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