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Dragon Ball ep 66 - The Red Ribbon Army Desperately Fights Back

Commander Red waits for Tao Pai Pai's return with Son Goku's Dragon Balls. He has his men shut off their Headquarter's defense systems, so that the assassin can get in untroubled. Unit 84, a man in an aircraft, is assigned to wait for Tao and escort him back to the base. But Unit 84 shouts in horror suddenly, and then goes offline. The soldiers are confused, and so they bring up the visual monitor to see what is happening.

 Tao Pai Pai is dead.
And Son Goku lives!!

Red screams for his men to turn back on all security systems and launch assaults on the boy. Black urges Red to seek shelter in their panic bunker, but Red refuses to lose to the boy - despite, as Black points out, all their strongest members have already been defeated! (Colonel Silver, General White, General Blue, and Colonel Yellow) And with the notorious assassin Tao Pai Pai defeated too, there's perhaps no one strong enough to beat Goku!

Yamcha, Puar, Oolong, Bulma, Morally Dubious Lunch, Kame Sen'nin, and Turtle fly in Yamcha's capsule aircraft as quickly as they can, to give Goku support for his insane storming of the Red Ribbon Army's HQ. Oolong, Bulma, and Turtle point out how they're probably not the best amalgamation of heroes to take on the Red Ribbon Army. That's when Yamcha has the best and most useful idea he's ever had:

Get Kuririn.

Kuririn had been swimming for shore in order to buy food for Kame House, as they have no other modes of transportation. Evidently, they forgot about Baby Gammera.

Akira Trolliyama.

 Meanwhile, Goku manages to get passed their defensive systems thanks to Kinto Un,
 right into the heart of the Red Ribbon HQ!
 And he beats up soldiers.
 A lot
of soldiers.

Yamcha's Capsule Aircraft isn't so lucky. A heat seeking missile rides their back end almost to oblivion! But Bulma thinks to launch their booster off, and the missile goes for that instead! Clever girl! "That's our Bulma-chan!" says Roshi. "She doesn't have big breasts for nothing!"

Back at RRHQ, Colonel Violet collects her dough and bounces the fuck up out of there.
 Which works in her favor, as Goku isn't fucking around!!
 His powerful Kamehameha shakes the RRHQ to its very foundation!
 Waves upon waves of soldiers fall to Goku's might, as he closes in on the Dragon Balls.
 But Commander Red can't lose! His dreams! His ambition!!
The final showdown is coming soon!!!

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