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Dragon Ball ep 67 - Commander Red Perishes!!

 Today is not Commander Red's day.

The Red Ribbon Army leader watches as Son Goku tears through his elite ranks.

And explodes with fury as his last reliable officer, Colonel Violet, takes off with the contents of his vault... robbing him and his forces blind.

The whole of the Red Ribbon Army's forces deserts their Headquarters, fearing for their lives, wishing to escape the tornado of destruction that is Son Goku. Red shouts for them all to remain, or be executed by firing squad; but no one is afraid of Commander Red any longer. Furious, Red blames his assistant, Black, for not giving the soldiers stricter training. Black tries to reason with Red, suggesting they retreat. But Red refuses to give up on his dream to collect the Dragon Balls! "Then you intend to fight him?" Black asks. "You're going to fight him!" The Commander bellows.

"Are you the boss?!" -Goku
"Quiet! You'll be fighting me!" -Black

Goku warns Black that he'll get hurt if they fight; but Black snaps back that he's not as weak as the others.

Though Black is clearly as skilled as he says, he is still easily overpowered by Goku!
But Red's intention wasn't for Black to win... 
 He sends the ceiling down upon them, in an effort to squash Goku once and for all!!

"Once I pull the boy's corpse out and take his four Dragon Balls, there'll be only one left! Just one more and my lifelong dream will come true... Finally... Finally... I'll be able to increase my height!"

Black managed to survive... When Goku last punched him, he was sent out the window, and he grabbed onto the ledge for dear life. But he overhears Red's monologue, and demands an answer: How could Red use all their resources for such a lame wish? Wasn't this all to take over the world? Red says a tall guy like Black would never understand -- the teasing, the girls that don't like him, how a real leader has to look like one, and on and on Red goes... until...

...Black has had enough.

Black claims himself leader of the Red Ribbon Army, and with the Dragon Balls, he will take over the world

But Goku ain't dead yet, motherfucker!

Goku escapes from being smashed between the floor and ceiling by... well, he's Goku. Black is impressed by Goku's power, and offers him a place at his side, so that they may rule the world together! But Goku refuses, saying that Black's friend killed Upa's dad, so he needs the Dragon Balls to revive him! Leaving Black with no other choice but to fight Goku again...!

But this time, Black is using his Battle Jacket!

Has Goku finally been overpowered by Black's Battle Jacket?! How will this epic battle conclude?!

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