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Dragon Ball ep 68 - The Last Dragon Ball

 Battle Jacket Black aims his photon cannons at Son Goku. Once and for all, Black intends to eliminate that boy who has single-handedly dismantled the Red Ribbon Army.
 Only a crater remains where Goku once lay. The soldiers, having retreated, return to celebrate Goku's final, ultimate defeat with their new Commander. But the celebrations are rather short lived.

Never underestimate Goku's agility!

 Goku surprises Black by leaping onto his cockpit window.
 And when Black tries to smack him, it backfires spectacularly.

Finally, sick of Goku and no longer caring about the army or the Dragon Balls, Black shakes Goku off of his Battle Jacket, then fires a large rocket -- with the capacity to blow up the entire Red Ribbon Headquarters!! But Goku, realizing it's a weapon like Tao Pai Pai's grenade, kicks it back at Black! Black narrowly dodges it, but a nearby mountain gets the full blast... blowing the mountain top to pieces! Black decides no time like the present to make a timely retreat...

But Goku isn't having any of that bullshit.

Black explodes, and with his demise, so ends the Red Ribbon Army. Forever. (For now.)

Goku lands and swipes the 6 and 7-Star balls for himself. With them, he has all but one Dragon Ball. He takes out Turbo's Dragon Radar, and checks for the location of the last Dragon Ball... but it isn't showing! Confused, Goku decides to take the Radar to Bulma.

Meanwhile, the rest of the gang have arrived on the outskirts of the Red Ribbon HQ, and discuss a plan of attack (thinking they'll need to rescue Goku). Muten Roshi's plan is for Bulma to distract the soldiers by taking off her clothes. Oolong supports the idea. Bulma firmly casts this idea down, and Kuririn pleads for Roshi to take things more seriously. Yamcha asks who will lead the assault, and Oolong suggests, "The oldest person goes first, of course!" Roshi snaps back, "The weakest person goes first." "The most perverted person goes first!" "Then you would go first." "No, you would!" "No, you would!"

But in the end, it doesn't matter. Goku arrives on Kinto Un! Goku is surprised to see everyone, as they are him. Yamcha says Goku made the right choice to call off his attack on the Red Ribbon Army. But Goku responds that he did attack the Red Ribbon Army. And beat up every single one of them.

Puar scouts the remains of the RRHQ. 
And sho' 'nuff, Goku raided the fuck out of it.

Everyone is utterly shocked. Not even the King's Army could defeat the Red Ribbon Army! And yet, here he is, a single boy, the victory over the whole organization. Goku explains how much stronger he is now, thanks to climbing Karin Tower and drinking Karin-sama's Super Spirit Water. Kame Sen'nin is most impressed, saying that Goku has most likely surpassed him in strength!

Kame Sen'nin reflects on his own 3 years spent at Karin Tower.

Bulma wonders how Goku could not have found his 4-star ball yet, after he asks her to fix the Dragon Radar again. Goku explains about Upa and Bora, and so Bulma agrees to fix it once they return to Kame House. Kuririn and Yamcha, not wanting to be so outclassed by Goku come the next Tenka-ichi Budokai, decide to follow Goku to find the last Dragon Ball!

And that's it! So long, Red Ribbon Army!

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