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Dragon Ball ep 69 - The Possibly Cute Uranai Baba

Back at Kame House, Bulma looks over Turbo's Dragon Radar, checking for damages; but there's nothing broken on it. The last Dragon Ball just simply isn't showing up! Bulma reckons an animal might have swallowed the ball on accident, and now the energy signal isn't being picked up by the Radar. Yamcha, classy as he is, says that the animal might poop it out! But, until then, Goku has to give up his search.

"Just one more and I could've brought Upa's dad back to life..."
"If you went to Uranai Baba's palace, I'm sure she'd tell you where the Dragon Ball is!"

Kame Sen'nin explains to them that Uranai Baba (literally, Fortuneteller Baba) uses her powers to tell people where things they've lost or cannot find are hidden. He gets out a map and shows them her location, in the far west. Yamcha, Kuririn, and Puar decide to go along with Goku, and together they board a Capsule plane. They ask Bulma and Oolong to come along, but both are tired of being around Goku and nearly dying.

Along the way, they stop in a small town (looking like something out of a western) for refueling. Needless to say, Goku bitches the whole time about how Kinto Un is much faster. Then his clothes begin to rip. Goku says they're the clothes he's been wearing since the Tenka-ichi Budokai (and Kuririn wore during the entire Budokai). To this, Kuririn calls Goku "gross". Yamcha decides to buy Goku a new set of clothes, in case he's too dirty to be let into Uranai Baba's palace.

Ultimately, they decide to order a new set of Goku's dogi.
(Which Yamcha orders to be made out of the cheapest cloth.)

As the new uniform will take over an hour to make, Goku hops on Kinto Un and flies to the Land of Karin, so that he might pick up Upa.

Upa is overwhelmed by the sight of his friend, who he had been praying for, since Goku had left to raid the Red Ribbon Headquarters. Goku tells Upa he only has one Dragon Ball to get before they can resurrect Bora, and together they get on Kinto Un and fly back to the others. Upa, slightly tentative, admits to Goku as they fly away from Karin, that, "...This is my first time leaving Karin... I'm a little scared..." "Don't be!" Goku beams. "I was the same way once, but then I got to see all kinds of interesting things!"

 Upa meets Yamcha, Puar, Kuririn, and a sleeping Sam Elliot.
 And Kuririn thinks Upa is super cute.
...Until Goku confirms that Upa's a boy.
(Still, Kuririn's showed signs before...)

Then Goku gets naked.
"Don't scratch your wiener!!!"

Eventually, our heroes make it to Uranai Baba's palace, and see that the line is full of tough guys.

 Tough guys that come out moments later, having been thoroughly beaten.

 That's when we meet this creepy fuck.
"Say, is this Urenai Baba's house?"
"It isn't Urenai Baba, it's Uranai Baba-sama."
(Urenai means unripe)

Yamcha, Puar, Kuririn, and Upa are frightened at what is to come, so tentatively, they follow the ghost and Goku into the palace... where they meet...

 "Oh, my... You're all so very young."
"Are you Urenai Baba?"
"That's Uranai Baba!"
"That's a weird name."
"It's not my real name! It's my nickname!"

Uranai Baba agrees to find their item, in exchange for 10 Million Zeni. That being way more money than any of them have ever seen, she suggests an alternative payment plan: Battle her five fighters. If they can win, she will find the Dragon Ball for free! Kuririn brags that he, Goku, and Yamcha got pretty far in the last Tenka-ichi Budokai -- to which Baba says she looks forward to it!

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