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Dragon Ball ep 70 - Attack! We Five Fighters

Kuririn fights first, in the battle against Uranai Baba's five fighters. Perhaps as a bad omen, Kuririn is confident that he can take out all five fighters himself. Baba, amused by Kuririn's certainty, calls for her first fighter: Dracula Man.

And he's a bat! That turns into a vampire!

"My type!"

(I'm on Team Blue.)

Dracula Man!

And Dracula Man loves to dance, much to Kuririn's dismay. "You're killing the mood!" Kuririn shouts, as Dracula Man dances around the ring instead of fighting. But this is the opening the clever bat was hoping for...!!

Dracula Man isn't what you'd call a fair fighter. Using his kickboxing skills, he throttles Kuririn, then turns into a bat before he can retaliate! Frustrated, Kuririn doesn't pay attention to Dracula Man's movements, and merely swats at the bat, exerting himself unnecessarily! That's when D.M. puts on the finishing move...!!!

Dracula Man sucks blood directly from Kuririn's chrome dome, leaving our hero utterly defenseless! After much struggling, Kuririn manages to shake the kickboxing vampire off, but the damage is done...

 As angry as Kuririn gets, the blood only spurts out more!
Unhelpfully, Goku laughs,
"Hahaha! Kuririn! It looks like you have hair now!"

Finally, Kuririn is knocked out of the ring by Dracula Man.
And that creepy fucking ghost gives him a blood transfusion.
(I'd take the blood loss, thanks.)

With one of their fighters down, Kuririn and Yamcha come up with a new strategy that they think will guarantee Dracula Man's defeat! They ask Uranai Baba if Puar and Upa can fight as a team, as they're so small. Dracula Man has no problem with it (actually, he's delighted by the prospect of more blood), so Baba allows it. Mistake!!

 Upa begins by pelting Dracula Man with garlic breath!!
 Then, as he tries to feed on Puar, he turns into a porcupine!
 He's not too fond of that.
 And as their finishing move, Upa holds his arms out...!!
 "I'm a crucifix."

Finally, as Dracula Man tries to escape, Puar turns into a giant hand and smacks his bat form into the water below -- winning the match!! One fighter down, four to go!

But as Yamcha steps in for the next fight, disqualifying Upa and Puar from any more matches, Uranai Baba likes her fighters' chances -- Only Goku and Yamcha remain to fight her four fighters, which she promises are even stronger than Dracula Man!

Yamcha waits patiently for his opponent to arrive; when Baba informs him that he's already in the ring! "He is Suke-san! The Invisible Man!" "I-invisible man?!" Yamcha says horrified. "What's that?" Goku asks. Uranai Baba cackles, "As the name implies, he's a transparent and colorless person!" Goku blinks. "Whatever. It would probably take too long to explain it to you." She concedes. 

 But try as he might, Yamcha is no match for a fighter he can't see! 
(or, lets face it, fighters he can see.)

Yamcha closes his eyes, and attempts to find Suke-san with his other senses... But Kuririn has an idea! He tells Goku to quickly take Kinto Un, and bring Muten Roshi and Bulma to the ring side at once! Can Yamcha win???

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