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Dragon Ball ep 71 - A Bloody and Desperate Battle!

Son Goku tracks down Kame Sen'nin and Bulma, as per Kuririn's request. Bulma is reluctant to go with Goku, despite him saying Yamcha's life may depend on it.

 So Goku busts the ship up and snatches them.
 ...Leaving Oolong and Lunch to crash and burn.
Thankfully, Morally Dubious Lunch saves the day.

Not cool, Goku.

Back at Uranai Baba's palace, Yamcha is using his other senses to track Suke-san, the Invisible Man. This goes well, until Baba begins to sing loudly, giving Suke the upperhand again. Kuririn counters by shouting in support of Suke, which Suke happily responds to -- and gets kicked in the face by Yamcha. Upa and Puar join in rooting for Suke (and causing Yamcha to know where he is constantly), but Baba's singing overpowers their efforts.

Goku's back!

Goku returns on Kinto Un, with Muten Roshi and Bulma. Kuririn begins to quickly set up Roshi and Bulma in positions around the ring, as Suke-san hammers on Yamcha.

Kuririn exposes Bulma's breasts to Roshi, 
 causing the old master to nosebleed onto Suke-san!!
 And for the first time in his life...
Yamcha beats the shit out of someone.

Suke-san forfeits the match, and Yamcha is the winner! Two warriors down, three more to go!

 Bulma is not too keen on the method.
But Roshi couldn't be prouder.

We find out, now that Roshi has arrived, that he's Uranai Baba's younger brother!! Our heroes are keen to use these familial ties to get out of the rest of the matches, but Baba recalls fiercely the 30 zeni Roshi still owes her; so it's no good. But Yamcha and Goku would rather keep fighting anyway.

They change locations for the next round. Deeper into Baba's palace they go, and along the way, Baba takes Goku into a secret dining hall, where she gives him a small feast! But while he's eating, she has Suke-san drops a ton of bricks down on him!! Goku easily repels them, however... then gets back to eating! Uranai Baba is sufficiently impressed...

The Devil's Toilet.

Our heroes arrive at the new "ring" (pictured above) known as the Devil's Toilet. And at this ring, defeat means death! Baba and Goku catch up to the rest, and the old woman says there's a way that Yamcha could avoid fighting; but she doesn't want money any longer. She wants Goku.

But Goku and Yamcha want to fight...!!!

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