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Dragon Ball ep 72 - Meet Son Goku! The Devil's Toilet

Goku is the Devil's Toilet? ...Alright, Japan.

Uranai Baba gives Yamcha a chance to concede defeat, before fighting the next warrior in the Devil's Toilet - where falling off the edge of the slender arena means certain death, via the poisonous lake below! But Yamcha, though nervous, wants to give it his all!

"The sister has freakish hobbies, and the brother's a pervert! You're the worst siblings ever!" -Bulma (being a tremendous bitch).

Out of a sarcophagus steps the next warrior: Mummy-kun. "Huh? Is he hurt?" Goku wonders, looking at his bandages. "Idiot! Don't you even know what a mummy is?!" Kuririn says, exasperated. But Kuririn is confident that Yamcha can beat this new foe easily! Kame Sen'nin, however, has bad news -- many fighters have gotten passed Dracula Man and Suke-san, the Invisible Man, in the past. But no one has ever won against Mummy-kun.

 Yamcha resolves to defeat Mummy-kun with quicker techniques...
 ...But the massive mummy is too quick for him!

Yamcha nearly falls to his death after taking a heavy blow from Mummy-kun. But Mummy-kun isn't ready to end the match yet, so he allows Yamcha to regain his footing. Yamcha retaliates by launching into a furious Rogafufuken!! But he's still too slow! Mummy-kun trips Yamcha, after dodging his onslaught easily...

...then smashes his gut!!

Goku pleads with Yamcha to trade places with him, as Mummy-kun taunts him to concede defeat. Yamcha slowly opens his eyes... "I... give... I give..."

Yamcha knocks Mummy-kun over, sending him falling into the toilet!
 But the monstrous mummy uses his bandages as a lasso...!!
 Swinging himself back onto the platform...!

Mummy-kun is through playing. Now, angry at Yamcha's trick, he unleashes his full strength...

Unable to watch Yamcha take the beating any longer for his father's sake, Upa prepares his axe, so that he might enter the fray! But Muten Roshi tells him it would do no good -- and that Yamcha isn't fighting for anyone's sake now. Only his pride as a martial artist.

 (Yamcha? Being a BAMF? In my Dragon Ball?)

Finally satisfied, Mummy-kun lifts Yamcha onto his shoulders, and prepares his finishing move -- The Giant Bridge. No one has lived once Mummy-kun has decided to break them!

 Unable to contain himself any longer, Puar launches at Mummy-kun!
 And pecks Yamcha out of his grip, before getting swatted away.

Furious at Puar's injury, Yamcha makes one last attempt at fighting... but he has no energy left to fight. Mummy-kun lifts him up, and tosses him into the Devil's Toilet!!

 "Nyoibo! Extend!"

 "You have to be kidding! You're the last challenger?!"
Famous last words.

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