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Dragon Ball ep 73 - What is the Deadly Devil Might Beam?!

Mummy-kun cannot fathom this strange boy, Son Goku. Despite taking no stance, Goku appears to have no openings for him to attack! On the sidelines, Yamcha, Kuririn, and Muten Roshi are impressed -- but is it enough to defeat the opponent that nearly killed Yamcha??? (...actually, let's not go there...)

Goku takes a direct hit! Mummy-kun thrashes on our hero, laying him out... but Goku jumps back up, clearly unfazed! Mummy-kun launches into a furious assault, but all he can hit is air; Goku is far too quick for him!! Finally, his frustration at its limit, Mummy-kun unleashes his trump card!

Mummy-kun's bandages, as tough as steel, wrap themselves around Goku's whole body and begin to squeeze! The monstrous mummy promises not to stop until every bone in Goku's body is crushed utterly. Goku's friends plead for him to concede the match, but Goku would rather die!!! ...and so Goku leaps into the poison lake at the bottom of the Devil's Toilet.

 But he has no intention of dying!!
Using the boiling steam from the lake, Goku weakens his bonds...
...then he leaps back onto the stage, ready to fight!
...and in one punch, Goku ends the fight!

The next two fighters, Akkuman and a mysterious old man, discuss Goku.
"Don't think too lightly of him." The old man warns.
"Do so and you will come crashing down much like Mummy-kun did."
Akkuman scoffs. "I'm no foolish weakling like he is!"

Moments later...

Kuririn thinks Akkuman is a bit of a joke. But Muten Roshi tells him that Akkuman has won the Tenka-ichi Budokai -- twice! And he has a deadly technique that no one can survive: The Devil Might Beam!

"Even the most pure-hearted of people have a tiny bit of evil in their hearts! For example, being jealous of someone for something they have and pulling pranks on them, or talking bad about someone, or looking up girls' skirts... No matter how small those evil thoughts may be, if you keep expanding them, they will eventually result in an explosion! Are you scared? You're about to be blown to smithereens!"

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