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Dragon Ball ep 74 - The Mysterious Fifth Man

Akkuman unleashes the Devil Might Beam! An attack so vile, so deadly, that no one can survive it! It takes the merest traces of evil thoughts, and expands them until the victim explodes!!  This is why Akkuman is so very feared!!! And the beam is headed straight for our hero, Son Goku!

 "Muwhahahahaa!! Expand, evil thoughts! Expand!!"
 "Huh? ...That didn't hurt me at all!"

Goku, to the amazement of everyone, is utterly unharmed by the Devil Might Beam! But Akkuman hasn't given up yet!

"Even monkeys fall from trees!"
"Even a kappa can be carried away by the river!"
"The fish that got away is swimming!"
"Meaning, of course, that even devils can make mistakes!"

And once more, Akkuman unleashes his fearsome Devil Might Beam! ...

...and once more, it has no effect on Goku.

"Impossible! Don't tell me... that you have... no evil thoughts at all?!"
"Is he pure, or was he just not thinking of anything?"
Muten Roshi wonders...
"A certain dirty-minded person would never have survived, though."
"...I knew you'd say that."

(Oh yeah, Bulma? What about this time? Or this time? And that other time...)

"Oh, what the devil!"
"Get it?!"

Akkuman summons a trident, and flies at Goku, launching into a furious assault! Goku manages to keep up with his speed for awhile, but due to the slender arena, Akkuman pushes our hero off! Goku grabs on, but Akkuman stabs at his hand! Luckily, Goku has a tail, and catches himself on the other side of the arena with it, jumping back up -- behind Akkuman!

And in a single flash, too quick for even Muten Roshi to follow, the fight is over -- Goku wins again!

"Oh, hello."

The last fighter, the mysterious old man, is finally revealed! Uranai Baba is confident that Goku can go no further, despite getting further than anyone before. The old man requests that they fight in the outside ring, so they they won't be restricted by the small arena. Baba agrees, and so everyone goes back outside.

Bulma, Yamcha, and Kuririn think Goku has lucked out, having only this old man left to fight. But Muten Roshi isn't so sure; he recognizes the old man, but he isn't sure where. Either way, he can tell he's a master. Goku, on the other hand, thinks he smells good. Kuririn suggests the old man eat some dumplings earlier. "That's not what I mean..." Goku explains.

"I don't really know why, but it's a happy smell!"

Uranai Baba announces the next fight to start! And if Goku can win, she will tell him the location of the last Dragon Ball!

 "Okay! I'll win this for sure!"
 "Where are your manners? Can't you even bow before you fight?"
 "Oh, right..."
And the match begins!!!

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