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Dragon Ball ep 75 - A Clash!! Powerful Adversaries

The final battle of Uranai Baba's palace is underway; The mysterious old man fighting for Team Baba, and Son Goku fighting for Team Bora. And they appear to be evenly matched! After struggling against each other for minutes, they break apart quickly -- then Goku launches back at the old man, into a furious assault! The two engage in a fierce melee, with each fighter's hit being matched by the other's, until finally Goku lands a kick!

But as the two fighters land on opposite sides of the arena, it is plain that they are equally winded. Kame Sen'nin can hardly believe what he's watching!

Uranai Baba shouts for the old man to end the fight, quickly!

Both fighters are giving their all, and despite that everything seems evenly matched as ever! For every hit Goku takes, he repays in double. For every hit he's repaid, the old man returns. But the mysterious old man has another trick up his sleeves!

The Kamehameha!!!
 And it hits Goku directly...!!!
 Or it seems to!
But Goku used Zanzoken at the last moment!
And to the old man's utter shock, returns with his own Kamehameha!!

Kneeing the old man hard in the chest, Goku puts what seems to be the final blow. Goku tells the old man to concede the match, or else he'll have to finish him off. Goku's friends celebrate, thinking the match is over, and that they will soon know the location of the final Dragon Ball! That is, until...

The old man grabs Goku's tail - his only weakness!!!

Yamcha and Puar are horrified, thinking that only they and Gyumao's daughter, Chichi, knew Goku's weakness. But Kame Sen'nin says it makes sense. This old man has known Goku's weaknesses, strengths, and habits for a long time. His familiar fighting style, use of the Kamehameha, and his knowledge of Goku... it could only be one man! Kame Sen'nin's pupil, and Son Goku's late grandfather, Son Gohan!

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