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Dragon Ball ep 76 - The Identity of the Masked Man

Shuu and Mai, the lackeys of Emperor Pilaf, spy on Son Goku from afar (using space satellite technologies). They aim to steal his 6 Dragon Balls, using their new Mecha Suits! And it is they who have the last dragon ball -- kept hidden in a box with blocks the Dragon Radar from finding it! Through the monitor, they learn that Goku has a weakness... his tail!

The Gods smile on Pilaf-sama this day.

Back at Uranai Baba's palace, Son Gohan, Goku's dead grandfather, is the mysterious fifth fighter! Utilizing Goku's weakness, Gohan smashes Goku repeatedly onto the ring! His friends shout for him to concede, but Muten Roshi believes they must let Goku finish the fight on his own terms; this fight with his grandfather is a fight with his destiny.

 Son Gohan accidentally rips Goku's tail clean off!!
Which puts Goku back in the match!!

Then the old man concedes.
"Goku. You've become so strong!" He says proudly.
"You've done well to train this far."

"H-how do you know my name?"

"But it seems you've neglected to toughen up your weak tail, Goku. I warned you about that many a time!"

Gohan apologizes for being so hard on Goku's tail, but he wished to make his point about toughening it up. Goku is too happy to see his grandpa to even care! Gohan thanks Muten Roshi for training his boy (and tells him there's a lot of pichi pichi girls in the afterlife). Goku asks Gohan if they'll live together again, but Gohan says they won't. Gohan was only granted one day to return to Earth, and conspired with Uranai Baba (who can travel between both worlds, and usually does so to find great martial arts masters to fight for her) to return should Goku ever come to her palace. 

Goku's sad that Gohan has to leave him again, but quickly shows him that he still has his memento, the 4-star ball! That's when Bulma explains about how that ball changed his grandson's life!

Cue the flash back music video!

Master and Pupil.

Gohan is touched that Goku found such good friends to take care of him, and asks them to please continue to do so. Upa seems sad however, asking Goku if he wouldn't rather use the dragon balls to bring back his grandpa, instead of his dad. But Gohan says he quite likes the afterlife, and would rather Goku continues to help others! So with that, Gohan takes his leave, as Goku promises to get even stronger!

And finally, Uranai Baba locates the last dragon ball...

Awww, what the hell! Lets cue the music!

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