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Dragon Ball ep 77 - Pilaf's Great Strategy

Pilaf is closing in on victory. With Goku's weakness revealed, and their new Mobile Suits, the Pilaf Machines, in tow, he, Shuu, and Mai are certain they cannot lose. They reflect on the hard times they've gone through to get this far: Their Castle destroyed by Oozaru Goku, their flying base blown up by the Red Ribbon Army, and always the kid is there to foil them... but not this time!

"Hey, can I have your Dragon Ball?"
Oh, wait. This time too.

Goku wants their Dragon Ball, and they want his. So in order to sort things out, Pilaf challenges Goku to a fight - the winner takes all 7 balls!

They pinky swear on it.

The Pilaf Machines!

Mai and Pilaf argue over who should attack Goku first, so Goku sends a flying kick at Pilaf's small, round,  and purple mobile suit. Pilaf manages to block the punch, surprising everyone! With renewed confidence, they launch an attack on Goku! But despite the raw power of the Pilaf Machines, using force won't beat Goku.

Pilaf calls for them to go into Operation Tail Grab! But they can't see Goku's tail -- he must have it hidden in his pants, Shuu assumes. So they change Operation Tail Grab very slightly to accommodate. 

 They burn Goku's britches!
But when Pilaf reaches for Goku's naked rear to grasp his tail... nothing is there! Had they watched their monitor a bit longer, they'd have seen Son Gohan rip it off!


Realizing they have no other choice, they combine their Pilaf Machines! Goku's really in for it now...!!

 "Kame...hame... HA!!!"
 Goku disables PM Unit 2, leaving them no choice but to go into Ostrich Mode!
 And flee!!
 They send a rocket at Goku, but that doesn't really work out in their favor...
In the end, Goku gets the Dragon Ball, fair and square (plus Shuu's clothes).

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