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Dragon Ball ep 78 - Shen Long, Again

Goku and Upa have all 7 dragon balls. Upa thanks Yamcha, Puar, Kuririn, Bulma, and Kame Sen'nin for helping him so much, and together Goku and Upa fly off to the Land of Karin... to summon Shen Long!

Insert song, if you please.

From the dragon balls, Shen Long appears.

Upa is initially frightened by the enormous dragon (that's what she said), but with some encouragement from Goku, Upa makes his wish: "Please! Bring my murdered father back to life!" "A simple task. I shall make it so."

 Bora rises from his grave, quite unharmed and very much alive!

Upa rushes into his father's arms, crying without shame. Bora wonders how he is alive, and Upa explains about Goku and the dragon balls. Then Shen Long prepares to leave, but before he does Goku makes note of the location of Son Gohan's 4-star ball -- and he catches it midair, before it flies away! Bora asks Goku if he won't stay longer, but Goku has to return to his other friends at Uranai Baba's palace. As Goku flies away, Upa promises he will climb Karin Tower himself one day. And Bora tells him to always live with the spirit and strength that Son Goku has.

Back at Uranai Baba's palace, Yamcha requests to become Muten Roshi's student. Roshi denies him, as he already has two students to look after. Yamcha pleads with him, but they fall on deaf ears... until Bulma tells Roshi that, should he take Yamcha on as a student, she'd visit a lot more -- and she loves to swim in new bikinis.

In the end, Roshi takes Yamcha on as a new student.

"I don't mind the training, but you better not turn into a pervert too!"
"All you ever do is call me a pervert, huh?!"
(If the shell fits, Roshi.)

Goku returns and is excited to hear Yamcha will be training with them! But Roshi tells Goku that he can't come along. The only way for Goku to earn any more strength is to seek training on his own, out in the world. So he orders Goku to travel the world by himself, without Kinto Un: Running, walking, and swimming everywhere. Happily, Goku runs off, saying he'll see them at the next Tenka-ichi Budokai (which is being held in three years, due to popular demand)!

"With your pride as master on the line, you're not allowed to lose to him!"
"Alright then! Let's at least run back home, too!"

Until we meet again, at the Tenka-ichi Budokai!

"He's going to save the world someday!"

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