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Dragon Ball ep 79 - Kinkaku and Ginkaku's Man-Eating Gourd

A small village is suffering from drought. Worse still, is the villager's monthly terror; two thugs named Kinkaku and Ginkaku. The brothers force the villagers to give them tribute by way of food and drink. And if they don't comply, they kill the villagers... in a creativity grotesque way. They use their magic gourd to turn them into sake.

Kinkaku and Ginkaku ride into town, gourd in hand.
(Looking like wastelanders from Mad Max.)

Son Goku continues training as instructed by Kame Sen'nin; Traveling eastward, Goku runs, walks, and swims everywhere -- without Kinto Un to aid him! It's in the middle of this training that he runs into a girl, Chao, being attacked by a Tiger Bandit.

So Goku beats the crap out of him.

Chao is grateful. She represents her village in trying to find a strong guy to defeat Kinkaku and Ginkaku. She asks Goku to do it, in return for money. But Goku would rather have food

Back at the village, the Kaku Bros. are furious that their tribute is smaller than last month ("Thirty-six? But last year I got thirty-seven!"). The village elder tries to explain about the drought, but they're not listening. Instead, they force the villagers to take part in roll call. This is what the villagers fear most, as the gourd works through it. If you don't respond immediately when your name is called, the gourd sucks you in, at the whim of the gourd's owner. Inside the gourd, your bones and flesh are turned into sake!

But when the Brothers Kaku maliciously try to call out an infant's name, to the horror of the child's mother... Son Goku arrives!

 Once they realize that there is no "Son Goku" on their list, they attack!
And are pretty thoroughly beaten.

But using the gourd, they call out Son Goku's name! And our hero is sucked inside...!!!

Once inside the gourd, Goku catches himself using Nyoibo, so that he doesn't fall into the murky depths! He tries to break free using a Kamehameha, but all it does is bounce around the unbreakable gourd! But luckily, the greedy Kaku Brothers want to taste his sake... letting Goku free!!

Once out, Goku steals the gourd and traps Ginkaku and Kinkaku within it!!

 And magically, the drought ends! Horray!

 Finally, Goku gives the gourd to the villagers.
And they use it to force the Kakus to work off everything they've stolen.

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