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Dragon Ball ep 80 - Imperial Match! Goku vs. Ten Long

We meet up with Goku again an undisclosed time later (I say this because his tail has grown back, which took eight months last time), and he's still training as Muten Roshi instructed him. Along his journey, he meets an old woman washing her clothes in a river. After saving her shirt before it goes downstream, he asks her if there are any strong guys that live nearby. "I heard there's a strong person named Chin Taiken who lives in town." So down the river he goes, to find Chin Taiken.

In the town, Goku runs into a gathering of people, with two rival dojos faced off in the center. The Chin School vs. Hyoga School. Chin Taiken, master of the Chin School, stands between his son, Shoken, and the younger brother of the master of Hyoga School, Shao Long. Shao Long, a brute of a man, has accused Shoken of stealing his wallet. So his thugs attack Chin... to their unfortunate end.

Chin Taiken takes the thugs out easily.

But Chin Taiken is clearly ill, as he collapses into a fit of hoarse coughing. Goku finds Shao's wallet, and tries to give it back to him. It never being that easy, Shao shouts that Shoken must have dropped it. "Are you sure you didn't drop it?" Goku asks. "My grandpa used to tell me that it's not good to suspect people." Shao launches at Goku, but Goku is too quick for the brute! But before Goku can give Shao Long a thorough beating, Ten Long, master of Hyoga School, arrives.

Ten Long slapping his little brother.

The Long Brothers apologize to Goku, Chin, and Shoken, before exiting. Ten reminds his brother that he will kill Chin Taiken in their Imperial Match tomorrow... to prove Hyoga School as the superior. Goku learns that Chin Taiken is the strong guy he heard about, and wants to fight him. Chin agrees, despite Shoken's insistence that Goku is beneath his father. When they fight, however, they seem evenly matched... until Chin collapses into a fit of coughing. Goku leaves to get Chin some medicine, but he is warned that Shao Long is a vengeful man; and no matter what, he is not to fight anyone from Hyoga School, lest he bring dishonor on Chin School.

But Goku is so fast, he doesn't need to fight Shao Long.

Ten Long, however, is much quicker!!

In the end, Goku makes it back to Chin School, medicine in hand, only a few light injuries to speak of, and having not raised a fist to anyone from Hyoga School. But for Chin Taiken, it isn't enough. The next morning, he prepares to forfeit the match, having not recovered. Goku offers to fight in his place, much to Shoken's chagrin. Shoken, hoping to fight for his father's honor himself, slips ex-lax into Goku's breakfast. Not even kidding.

 When the fight begins, it seems evenly matched!
"I have to take a dump!"

Shoken's plan backfires! He'd hoped to make Goku overcome with diarrhea before the match, not during!

In the end, Goku is able to take out Ten Long despite having to take a massive liquefied shit. (Though at one point, Ten Long hits him so hard that "a little bit came out".) Shoken and Chin Taiken thank Goku for restoring honor to their school, and Ten Long apologizes for being a brat. Everything works out happily, and Goku leaves for more training.

The local royalty is impressed by Son Goku.
"A magnificent show of "dump" strength!" 
You stay classy, Dragon Ball.

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