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Dragon Ball ep 82 - The Ferocious Beast, Inoshikacho

We rejoin our hero exhausted from his intense training. Traveling the world, as Kame Sen'nin instructed him, Goku has faced a variety of challenges: a couple wastelanders and their magic gourd, a jealous, homicidal martial arts teacher, and the King of the Demons (or... something...)... not to mention all the OTHER stuff he did! (Use your imagination here, folks.) Now Goku is tired and hungry.

 Just then, an out-of-control caravan comes speeding down the path!
A family of three and all their belongs are in danger!
But using a nearby bamboo tree, Goku stops their caravan in its tracks!

The family (a husband, wife, and infant child) thank Goku for his intervention. It turns out that they are escaping their village for fear of a monstrous beast, which has attacked their home; The Inoshikacho.

Err, Inoshikacho.

Naturally, when Goku hears how strong the beast is, he wants to fight it himself. But when he arrives at the village in question, two martial artists, along with the villagers following close behind, are cornering the beast!

Introducing, Tsuru School Students
Tenshinhan and Chaotzu
(Dragon Ball's first and only gay couple!)

 Meanwhile, at Kame House, Kuririn and Yamcha train.
 While Bulma and Roshi look over his old scrapbook.
And it turns out Roshi, along with Tsuru Sen'nin (master of Crane School) raised Inoshikacho. So, there's that.

Back at the village (not the be confused with The Village People), Tenshinhan and Chaotzu (sometimes spelled as Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu, by people who don't know how to spell) easily defeat Inoshikacho to the delight of the villagers. They are rewarded handsomely for their efforts, with a sum of 100-thousand zeni

Later, as Goku is smelling food, he stumbles onto their camp and learns the secret of Inoshikacho...

He's a friend of Tenshinhan and Chaotzu, and they've been using him to scam villagers across the countryside! Goku calls them out on it (after realizing that they haven't suddenly become friends, but were friends from the start), so Tenshinhan steps up to kill Goku, lest he reveal them..!! Unfortunately for Goku, he's been hungry all day, and hasn't had a bite to eat yet!

Despite being tired and hungry, Goku easily dodges all of Tenshinhan's attacks. But when Ten knocks over a tree, it crushes Goku beneath it... and the exhaused Son Goku passes out. Chaotzu and Tenshinhan agree that he must be dead, and leave to find the next village to scam (and possibly have victory sex). 

Back at Kame House, Bulma has a nightmare that a beast has killed Goku! But Goku's not dead...

Goku wakes up in the bed of a young girl named Tanman, who lives in the village just scammed by Ten, Chao, and Ino. He informs her that the martial artists were in league with the monster, and that he'll leave to capture them. But then he passes out from hunger.

So she feeds him.
Awwwww yeeeaaaaayuuuuuh.

Inoshikacho is attacking the next village over, much to the chagrin of the family from the beginning of the episode, who run into Goku and tell him the whole story. (Apparently they moved one village over, hoping that would be good enough to avoid a rampaging monster...?) Goku arrives as Tenshinhan and Chaotzu are getting paid 200-thousand zeni for "stopping" the beast, shouting that the villagers are being tricked! But Tenshinhan cleverly says that it is Goku who is in league with the monster, and to prove it, he starts a fire under Inoshikacho!

Unable to watch the creature get burned to death by his own friends, Goku saves Inoshikacho, incriminating himself in the eyes of the villagers! They chase after him with guns and pitchforks, and Inoshikacho protects him. But the beast has been burnt badly, so Goku tosses him onto his back, and carries him to the next village. The village chief and Tanmen assure the villagers that Goku is the innocent one, but the damage is done; Tenshinhan and Chaotzu have long escaped. (To have even more sweet victory sex.)

In the end, the villagers take in Inoshikacho, who becomes a hard working member of their farming community, and a beloved friend to all. Before Goku leaves, he and Inoshikacho train together, in preparation for the Tenka-ichi Budokai!

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