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Dragon Ball ep 84 - Aim to be the World's Best Martial Artist!!

"Whenever I ride in a plane I feel like hijackin' it!"
"Stewardess! I really need to take a dump!"

Our heroes have finally arrived at the Tenka-ichi Budokai! Yamcha and Kuririn have been training hard with Muten Roshi, and are ready to show off their skills - though Bulma and Oolong remind them not to discount Goku and Jackie Chun! Roshi secretly enters the Budokai as his alter ego Jackie when the others are looking away. "Huh? Where did you go?" Kuririn asks. "Oh, just to the restroom." Roshi responds. "You certainly make a lot of #2, don't you?" Turtle snarks. "It was #1 this time!"

Introducing Tsuru Sen'nin, the Crane Hermit
and his students Tenshinhan and Chaotzu.

Tsuru Sen'nin, Kame Sen'nin's rival from their days training under Master Mutaito, arrives with his students. "Apparently your pupils did extremely well in the last Tenka-ichi Budokai... this tournament has become pathetic, indeed." Tsuru Sen'nin promises that his students will show the public what real martial artists are like, by having his students enter as well. 

"Still as little sense as ever!"
"What was that, baldy?!"
"You can't even go bald right!"

Tsuru Sen'nin and his pupils take their leave; Leaving our heroes to wonder if Goku will show up on time before the registration ends!!


So Muten Roshi takes them all out to eat (much to his chagrin, as he doesn't have the money to feed Goku!) then they nestle down for some sleep. Kuririn and Yamcha can't sleep, however, and so they go out for a midnight jog... and see that much of their competition is still awake, getting last minute training in before the Preliminary Rounds!

The next morning, Muten Roshi, Bulma, Lunch, Oolong, Turtle, and Puar wish Goku, Kuririn, and Yamcha good luck in the upcoming Budokai... but after that, Muten Roshi disappears... "Where's Muten Roshi-sama?" Puar wonders. "Forget about him." Bulma says. "He's probably in the bathroom again."

 Goku, Kuririn, and Yamcha happily greet the old man who defeated each of them in the last Budokai. This time, Goku promises, he'll win!
The 22nd Tenka-ichi Budokai starts now!!

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