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Dragon Ball ep 85 - I'll Make It Through!! Preliminary Survival!

The Tenka-ichi Budokai is underway, and our heroes are placed in different blocks in the preliminary rounds! 

 First up, it's Yamcha!
"Boards don't hit back."
Goku - "That was great! You must've trained a lot!"

Next up is Kuririn, vs Andre the Giant Anton the Great!
 "I'll crush ya like a bug!"
"This isn't enough pressure to hurt me at all!" 

 "You're way better than you were three years ago!"
 "No, it's still too early to be surprised."
"Only a simpleton would boast about something like that."

Tenshinhan and Chaotzu (after making out in the corner for a solid twenty minutes) head over to our heroes to taunt them for their accomplishments. Chaotzu makes fun of Kuririn's height to Kuririn's chagrin and bewilderment (Kuririn doesn't know Chaotzu is counting dick-length - and Chaotzu has a kick stand). Tenshinhan and Goku recall their match in the wilderness from months ago, over the whole Inoshikacho incident. "He owes me his life." Ten says to them at large. "I didn't finish him off when I could have." "What's your point?" Yamcha retorts coolly. "That nobody can beat me." 


But before Tenshinhan and Yamcha break into a brawl in the middle of the preliminary rounds, Jackie Chun reminds them that they didn't come all this was to be disqualified.

 Then it is Tenshinhan's turn.
("This is my sexy pose.")
 (And like the massive fangirl he is, Chaotzu catches Ten's jacket.)
 "What a big shot..."
Using speed no one can see but our heroes, Ten easily wins.

Finally, it's Son Goku's turn.
But his opponent is the infamous Chapa-o!
A man who once won a Tenka-ichi Budokai without being touched!
Can Goku win?!

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