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Dragon Ball ep 87 - Showdown!! Yamcha vs Tenshinhan!

"Oh? I never expected your entire Turtle Dance Club to survive... It would seem the preliminaries consisted of nothing but dancers."

As all the Turtle School students have made it to the actual Budokai, Tenshinhan takes it as his personal responsibility to taunt Yamcha. Chaotzu, who seems not to like Kuririn, gets in on the fun and calls him an octopus (a jab at Kuririn's bald head). When Kuririn points out that Chaotzu also has an octopus head, the Crane Disciple corrects him.

"Are you a moron?! Having no hair is better than having only one!"
(Kuririn is such a sore loser.)

"Knock it off, Chaotzu...! Quit your pointless fighting!"
(Tenshinhan says with zero irony.)

Finally, the time has come to draw lots to find out who will fight who! But unlike last Tenka-ichi Budokai, they are not left to chance...!! Chaotzu, using his psychic abilities, secretly fudges the numbers so that he and Tenshinhan can fix the tournament!!

 Round 1: Yamcha vs Tenshinhan
 Round 2: Manwolf vs Jackie Chun
 Round 4: Chaotzu vs Kuririn
Round 4: Panputto vs Son Goku

Tenshinhan and Chaotzu want to fight their rivals, Yamcha and Kuririn, for obvious reasons. Almost as obvious to anyone in the room is how badly Manwolf wants to fight Jackie Chun; he shakes with a pent up fury as he glares at the winner of the previous Budokai. Wishing to see the Champion in action, Ten and Chao pair him up with his rival accordingly.

Introducing Manwolf
Don't call him a Wolfman.
He's a wolf that turns into a man. Not a man that turns into a wolf.
We all clear on that?

"That leaves Son Goku-san with number 8." says Mr. Announceman after all the others have drawn their lots. Goku is in shock! "Eh?! How did you know I was number 8?" Then Goku rushes to the box quickly to draw his own lot to see if Mr. A guessed correctly.

 "Wow! You're right! You're smart!"
"Does Kame Sen'nin teach comedy routines as well?" Ten taunts.
Chaotzu doesn't get the joke.

Meanwhile, Bulma, Oolong, Puar, Turtle, and Lunch (who is back to her blue haired, sweet self) can't find Kame Sen'nin. Tsuru Sen'nin taunts that he doesn't wish to see his students trampled, but agrees to go looking for him. In awhile, he comes back chuckling, saying he informed the Budokai organizer. 

Over the loud speaker sounds the following: "We have a report of a lost child - I mean, a lost old man. He's approximately 300 years old, his head is 100% bald and shiny, and he's a decrepit old pervert. If anyone finds him, please notify the front office immediately."

 Bulma snaps that he shouldn't list his bad traits.
To which Tsuru Sen'nin asks them for his good traits.
 Oolong and Turtle can think of none...
But Lunch and Puar stick up for him!! 
(Though potentially sinister in real life, Lunch and Roshi's relationship is sort of touching to me. I like seeing her loyalty in this scene.)

And finally, the match between Yamcha and Tenshinhan begins!

Insert Song Mania!!!

Yamcha and Tenshinhan are both privately surprised with one another; both suspected the other was all talk. Mr. A and the audience can't believe what they're seeing - and so early in the Budokai! But Yamcha cannot lose, so he prepares to show Tenshinhan his new technique...


Now play us out, Yamcha!

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