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Dragon Ball ep 88 - Come On, Yamcha! The Fearsome Tenshinhan!

 Yamcha is a badass.
 Using his Shin-Rogafufuken, he puts Tenshinhan on the ropes!
Muten Roshi, Goku, and Kuririn are all surprised at how far he's come.

That chuckle-head martial artist from three years ago is dead.

 And in his place is a man who can fight toe-to-toe with Tsuru Sen'nin's best student.
"Ka... me... ha... me..."

He is Yamcha; no longer the desert bandit, but proud student of Kame Sen'nin!!! And he has come to the Tenka-ichi Budokai to win!!

Yamcha! Give it your best!!

(Three years training, and not a damn thing has changed except his hair style.)

With Yamcha's leg broken, and him utterly unconscious, Mr. Announcerman calls the match in favor of Tenshinhan. He and Goku rush onto the ring to check if Yamcha is alright, and Puar rushes from the stands to take him to the hospital. He transforms into a magic carpet, and Kuririn and Goku place Yamcha on him.

Bulma has to go to the hospital with her boyfriend, and Lunch says she'll go along as well. Goku, however, is in a towering rage.

 "You're a really bad person! Yamcha was already unconscious! You knew but you did that on purpose, huh?!"
"You should be grateful I didn't kill him. After all, I am a nice person."
(Ten, you have no idea how hard you just fucked yourself.)

Tenshinhan tells Chaotzu that they should have the Budokai won as Champion and Runner-Up, so long as they don't let their guard down. "But that Yamcha guy just now was probably Kame Sen'nin's best student."

(Try "third best", Ten.)

PS. This episode was called "Yamcha's Big Break" in the American dub; genius.

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