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Goku's Traffic Safety and Goku's Fire Fighting Regiment

Today's Dragon Blog is going to be a little different. Instead of doing my usual overview of an episode of Dragon Ball, I'm posting two very rare Dragon Ball specials! Goku's Traffic Safety and Goku's Fire Fighting Regiment - both made in 1988 (same year I was born! woof!), to show in Japanese classrooms so that children would actually pay attention to what they were being taught (or so the teacher could get a ten minute smoke break).

Goku's Traffic Safety

In "Goku's Taffic Safety", Bulma is having a birthday party at her house... in Miyako (a term I'm not sure about or what it means, but the subtitles are pretty bad in this thing, admittedly; they call Oolong "Buyon") and the whole gang is invited. Along the way, a cute blonde traffic agent teachers Muten Roshi and Kuririn about traffic safety - while Goku meets Suno (you remember Suno?) who teaches him about using crosswalks. Goku is pretty bad about traffic safety.

Bonus points if you can spot Namu's cameo.

Goku's Fire Fighting Regiment

In "Goku's Fire Fighting Regiment", Goku, Yamcha, Kuririn, and Muten Roshi are members of the local fire brigade. Set in some alternate universe in which they fight fire instead of each other, Goku teaches children why they shouldn't play with fireworks, leave gas stoves plugged in, or smoke in bed. It all culminates when Bulma (who doesn't appear to know the rest of the gang) sets her apartment on fire during an earthquake.

Something interesting about these "specials" is their inconsistent use of character designs. Specifically, Goku's Traffic Safety; While it uses Bulma and Yamcha's post-time skip designs (which are used during the Tenshinhan and Piccolo Daimao sagas), it uses the shorter, rounder 13 and 12 year old Kuririn and Goku (from the first half of Dragon Ball). The second special appears to use the taller, less rounded 15 year old Goku, however.

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