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Sparking!/Budokai Tenkaichi 4 requests, Red Ribbon edition

I'm still playing a lot of S!M/BT3. Lately, I've been playing through every saga, in Duel mode, reenacting every fight (possible) and using my extensive collection of DB/Z/GT/Kai BGM and songs instead of the (rather boring) BT3 soundtrack. Yes. I've nothing better to do.

With Ultimate Tenkaichi on the horizon (and it confirmed to have no Dragon Ball characters), making a list of Red Ribbon Saga characters I'd like to play as (and haven't gotten to play as yet) may seem an act of futility: But I ask you, isn't that what makes it fun? So here's an expansion of my last list, the 21st Tenka-ichi Budokai edition, with significantly less detail.

I could see him having the Kamehameha and two alternative outfits: His "Z" clothing, and his own set of orange Kame dogi.

Sergeant Metallic
He shoots lasers out of his mouth, and his fist is a rocket. How awesome is that?
His alternative outfit is already designed, too.

Ninja Murasaki
One Ninja, four brothers (who are also ninja). He's got loads of attacks.
All of them hilarious.

He's a giant character that shoots lasers and fights with his tongue.

The Pirate Bot
A pirate robot.

Supa Man
He has all the powers of a man who eats sour plums.
also he could star in his own What If story chapter, Goku Vs Supa Man.

He's a muscleman with a spear. Video games need more of those.

He's like Yoda, but better, because he's a cat instead of a muppet.

Battle Jacket Black
Shoots lasers and rockets. And is a mech. More mechs please.

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