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Dragon Ball ep 100 - Life or Death?! The Last Resort

It's Goku vs a four-armed Tenshinhan in the epic final battle of the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budokai! For our hero, it's like fighting two people at once!

Goku is nearly thrown from the ring under the ferocity of Tenshinhan's attacks! He escapes, then counters by jumping at Ten with a flying kick!

It backfires.

Clutching all of Goku's limbs with his four powerful arms, Tenshinhan abuses Goku's stomach with a barrage of head-butts. Goku can't move a muscle!! Is this the end of our hero?!

Not likely.

Using his tail as his weapon, Goku smacks Ten's face repeatedly until he tosses Goku away. Goku lands perfectly, and the two face each other once more. "If you can have four arms, then I can have eight!" Goku announces.

 Goku begins to move his arms at such speed, he gains eight!
 And Tenshinhan's four arms can hardly keep up with him!!!
 Finally, the two fighters leap at each other...!!
And they're both knocked down for the count!

As both fighters lay unconscious across from each other, Kame Sen'nin recalls his match against Goku from three years previous... and how he had won only because he managed to stand back up before Goku! But at the count of "Nine!" both fighters jump back on their feet, and launch at each other! Goku kicks Ten behind the knee, knocking him over. Then he grabs Ten by his legs, and pulls him into a submission hold!! Ten's only option is to put his extra arms to Goku's throat and choke him out!

Ultimately, Son Goku wins the struggle of strength; Ten loses concentration from the pain of Goku's hold that his extra arms evaporate!! Mr. Annoucerman reminds him that he can give up of he wishes... "Don't be stupid! I'd rather die than concede defeat!" Chaotzu tentatively lifts a finger, suggesting that he aid Ten; but Tenshinhan shoots him down! "I'll beat him by myself!!" And using all of his incredible strength, Tenshinhan pushes himself off of the ring floor, lifting Goku in the process, and kicks Goku off of his legs -- and clear across the arena, smack into the ring's wall!!!

"You sure are stubborn." says Goku, pushing himself out of the rubble.
"You're really something! I truly mean that! I hadn't even considered I'd be driven this far! I didn't want to have to use this technique...!"

(Oh yes. Tenshinhan is talking about... THAT TECHNIQUE.)

Tenshinhan tells Goku that the next technique he will use is so deadly that, should Goku fail to dodge it he will die. But he does not wish to kill him. So he implores Goku to dodge it...!! He speaks of the Kikoho (Energy Cannon), an attack so powerful that it shortens the lifespan of whoever wields it! Chaotzu pleads with his Ten-san not to use it, fearing for the life of his (boy)friend! Tenshinhan assures him that he won't die; he won't be using the attack at full power, just enough to win the match. Muten Roshi can tell what he's about to do, and curses Tsuru Sen'nin for ever teaching such a vile technique.

The Budokai ring is gone?! But where is Goku?!?!

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