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Dragon Ball ep 101 - End of the Tournament! And Then...!!

Tenshinhan's Kikoho completely annihilated the Tenka-ichi Budokai ring.

Kuririn is afraid that his best friend, Son Goku, was blown to nothingness along with the ring -- but Kame Sen'nin can still sense his student.

High, high in the air, far above even Tenshinhan, Goku leaped to avoid colliding with the powerful Kikoho! Tenshinhan floats upward, meeting Goku as he falls back toward the earth, so that he can congratulate him on avoiding the attack. Ten says that the match is now decided, as his Bukujutsu will ensure he doesn't fall. And with no ring to catch him, Goku can do nothing but fall -- losing the match. But Goku still has one more attack...!!

 "Ka... me..."
Goku begins to charge his final Kamehameha!
But Goku! That attack won't work on Tenshinhan!
 "ha... me..."

Using the Kamehameha as a springboard, Goku launches himself at Tenshinhan...!
And knocks Tenshinhan entirely unconscious!!!

The two warriors fall rapidly. Goku uses the last of his strength to produce a tiny, tiny Kamehameha, to propel himself above Tenshinhan, so that the latter hits the ground first, winning Goku the match. Mr. Announcerman uses a Hoi Poi Capsule holding a mini jet so he can watch the two fighters' descent, and determine the winner. 

By a stroke of luck, the fighters pass by a VW Bus right before landing on the highway. Ten narrowly avoids colliding with it... but Goku isn't so lucky. Goku smacks right into it, and bounces onto the ground. Then Ten, still knocked stupid, lands nearby. Kuririn jumps up and runs out after Goku. Yamcha and Bulma decide to go as well, so Lunch takes out her machine gun and clears a path through the crowd for her, Turtle, Oolong, and Puar to follow. But the rest of the crowd decides they want to see them as well!

Tenshinhan wins the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budokai!!

Ten is stunned by the crowd's cheers and affection for him. Muten Roshi watches proudly, confirming Ten's suspicions by communicating with him psychically, "Yes. The applause, the praise... it's for you, Tenshinhan. You have moved these people's hearts. Over are the days in which hatred and hostility are directed at you. You've taken your first step today! Your first step into the world of light!" "Roshi-sama..." Tenshinhan is at a loss for words. Yamcha begins to clap, and the rest of the crowd joins in with him.

That evening, Tenshinhan approaches Goku with half of the Budokai prize money; and he insists Goku takes it. In terms of skill, Tenshinhan feels Goku was the true winner. But Goku has accepted his loss, and doesn't know how to use money anyway. Muten Roshi laughs, and reminds Tenshinhan that luck is a skill itself! He then offers Tenshinhan and Chaotzu a place at Kame House for training. 

"Yeah! I agree! I love your wildness! If you come to Kame House, I'll take real good care of ya!"
(Sorry, darling Lunch, but you're barking up the wrong tree. A gay tree.)

Tenshinhan thinks it would be inappropriate, as Chaotzu and he are still Tsuru Sen'nin's students, even if they betrayed him. To choose a new master would be audacious. Lunch requests they be pen pals instead.

Finally, Ten apologizes for Yamcha.
"I'll take you on again sometime!" Yamcha smiles.
Ten looks grateful. "Sure!"
(And from that day forward, they were bros.)

The whole gang decides to go out to eat, with Tenshinhan treating all of them to a meal. Kuririn warns him he may regret that, with Goku's stomach. When they get to the restaurant, however, Goku remembers he left his Nyoibo and Son Gohan's 4-star ball at the Budokai stadium. Kuririn offers to go get them for him, as Goku is surely tired. But as Goku sits down to eat, he can't bring himself to... he has a bad feeling he cannot shake.

Tenshinhan asks him what's wrong when it happens... Goku can hear Kuririn calling for him, in his mind. Goku leaps from the table and sprints out of the restaurant, barreling down the street toward the Tenka-ichi Stadium. What meets his eyes is a most horrible sight...

Mr. A, barely conscious, tells Goku that a monster attacked them... a monster who stole the dragonball, and the Budokai roster, then left...

But Goku has eyes only for his best friend, his brother, Kuririn, who is laying unmoving in his arms.

"He's dead..."

"Kuririn's been murdered...!" Goku's voice breaks.

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