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Dragon Ball ep 103 - The Terror of Piccolo Daimao!!

Tambourine, child of Piccolo Daimao, is returning to his father with the 4 star dragon ball, and the Tenka-ichi Budokai roster. He's nearly there when he hears someone scream for him to wait...

Son Goku is in a fury at the death of his best friend, Kuririn. Noticing that Tambourine is holding his grandpa's dragon ball, he knows he's found Kuririn's murderer...

And he won't forgive him.

Tambourine brags about how easily Kuririn died - and Goku charges at him, flying into a towering rage!

But Goku isn't strong enough to contend with a member of the Demon Clan! After his desperate battle with Tenshinhan, Goku's amazing strength is all but used. So he's little more than a fly buzzing around Tambourine's head...!!

 Then Tambourine does the unthinkable...
he destroys Kinto Un!!!
 As Goku falls far onto the forest floor below, Tambourine smashes him with a knee!
 But Goku still shows the will to fight, so Tambourine indulges him...
...by smashing him around like a rag doll...!

Tambourine smiles as Son Goku stops moving. The demon clansman flies away, leaving our hero for dead.

Back at the Tenka-ichi Budokai Stadium, Goku's friends have waited hours for him to return... Muten Roshi believes him to be dead. Bulma, Oolong, and Puar refuse to believe it, and Roshi tells them he hopes they're right. Yamcha suggests they try to think of a strategy to defeat Piccolo Daimao, and Tenshinhan brings up the Mafuba... Roshi quickly shoots down the idea, saying it happened to fast for him to know Mutaito's technique. So our heroes leave for Kame House, with Tenshinhan and Chaotzu coming along to help end Piccolo. Mr. Announcerman believes that they will save the world.

 Back at Pilaf's flying base,
Tambourine has returned to his father with the dragon ball.

Pilaf, Shuu, and Mai remind him how much more handsome he'll be once he gets eternal youth... which backfires when Piccolo glares daggers at them, and they quickly backtrack, saying he's already fantastic.
(Yeah he is.)

Piccolo commands his minions to put up the profiles of the various Budokai martial artists around the walls.
 Familiar faces like Namu, and Akkuman...
 ...Panputto, and Chapa-o...
 ...and Kuririn.
Pilaf co. all crap themselves when they find Goku's profile, but crap themselves doublely when they discover Tambourine has killed him! Shuu and Mai are beginning to have doubts about their leader's strategy...

Tambourine assures his father that if Kuririn and Son Goku are powerful martial artists of this era, then he need not worry about any rising against him. Piccolo is comforted, but still wishes Tambourine to assassinate the rest accordingly. Piccolo doesn't fear their strength as much as he fears the Mafuba resurfacing.

It's a job Tambourine is all-too effective at... murdering Chapa-o and his entire temple, and Panputto, with as much ease as he killed Kuririn.

Is Son Goku truly dead?!
(No cheating and looking it up on Wiki.)

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