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Dragon Ball ep 104 - Revive, Son Goku!!

 It's dawn. The sounds of an alleyway brawl ring out in the still morning air.
Bacterian, a participant in the 21st Tenka-ichi Budokai 
 vs Tambourine, son of Piccolo Daimao.
Bacterian joins Kuririn, Chapa-o, Panputto, and Son Goku...
All victims of Tambourine.

Meanwhile, back the Pilaf's flying base,

Piccolo is enjoying a nice melon soda (who says Namekians only drink water?) when Piano brings up the dragon ballsPiano, another Demon Clansman and Piccolo Daimao's manservant, asks his lord what he wishes to do about gathering the other dragon balls. Piccolo says that he'll create another soldier. Piano advises him against it, as laying another egg will speed up his aging process. But Piccolo is confident he will have the dragon balls soon enough that laying another egg won't matter; not when he has eternal youth.

Egg laying really skeeves outs Pilaf co.

"A warrior to collect the dragon balls. Well then, I shall give birth to a dragon-type warrior..."
"Awaken! Your name shall be Cymbal!"
(I bet you didn't know Piccolo was a genetic female.)

Introducing Cymbal
Demon Clansman

The new mother explains to his/her son that he must now find the six remaining dragon balls. Pilaf locates the next closest one of his radar, and Cymbal is off to find them...

Cue the music...?

Shuu is still having doubts about their new ally...

Meanwhile, far below the Pilaf flying base, our hero is beginning to stir...

 Son Goku lives! And he's hungry.
 Spotting a delicious pineapple tree, Goku dashes for it!
...which tries to eat him back.
Then he tries to eat a Kangaroo, but her joey beats him up...
Without food, Goku is completely out of strength!

Back at Kame House, the gang have been explaining to Tenshinhan and Chaotzu what the dragon balls are capable of doing. They could use them to wish Kuririn back to life, but their first wish would be the destruction of Piccolo Daimao. Puar reminds everyone that they can only make one wish a year, and Oolong reckons by the time they can resurrect Kuririn, he'll be little more than a zombie...

Zombie Kuririn.

Bulma says she'll build a cryo-capsule to store Kuririn's body in until they can bring him back (and even offers to put Oolong in one, as well...). "Hmmm." Muten Roshi thinks aloud. "Light gray..." "Eh?! What's that?!" Puar asks. "W-what sort of strategy might that be, Roshi-sama?!" Yamcha pleads. 

"No... It's the color of Bulma's panties..."

"What're you looking at when the world's about to be taken over?!" Bulma shouts.

But on the TV, some disturbing news is about to be reported...
Namu has been murdered, along with Chapa-o, Panputto, and Bacterian...
And the "Demon" mark has been left on every body.

Realizing they have no way of contacting the other martial artists without the Budokai roster, and that they will be targeted as well, they turn the house back into a Hoi Poi Capsule and leave for a new location. Muten Roshi asks Bulma to make a new Dragon Radar... and once they have it, they're off to find the dragon balls before Piccolo Daimao!

Elsewhere, another body floats down stream...
Manwolf, murdered by Tambourine...

Meanwhile, back at our hero... 

With his belly full, Goku is back to full strength! He calls for Kinto Un, so that he can go after Tambourine... but when Kinto Un doesn't come to him, he remembers that Tambourine destroyed him. Flying into another fury over the deaths of Kuririn and Kinto Un, Goku taps Turbo's Dragon Radar to discover where Tambourine is right now. And to his surprise, a dragon ball is close

 And whoever has it throws a giant boulder at Goku...!!!

Goku dodges the boulder, then shouts for the "bastard" who threw it to show themselves!

"Who're you callin' a bastard?! That's my line! You went and ate my fish!"

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