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Dragon Ball ep 105 - Enter Yajirobe, the Strange Boy!!

A mysterious boy shouts at our hero, Son Goku, that he is a thief for eating his fish. Goku (bless him) doesn't understand how it's thieving since the fish was just sitting there. Then Goku notices the boy wears a dragon ball around his neck - the 1 star ball - and mistakes it for Son Gohan's dragon ball. This leads Goku to the conclusion that this boy is a friend of the monster that killed Kuririn! The boy tells him to stop talking nonsense, having genuinely nothing to do with it. So the two socially retarded mountain hillbillies sort things out the way all such folks do:

"Don't cry when you wind up all hurt, Shorty!"
"Well, you're a big fatso!"
They wrassle.

To Goku's surprise, the boy is very strong and takes Goku's full powered punches and kicks like they're nothing

Meanwhile, the deadly Tambourine decides who he will kill next... ominously passing over the profiles of Jackie Chun, Tenshinhan, and Yamcha...

Kame Sen'nin and the rest have changed locations to a new island. But before they can even take Kame House out of its Hoi Poi Capsule, Kame Sen'nin, Chaotzu, and Tenshinhan leave to find the dragon balls before Piccolo Daimao. Yamcha laments his leg being injured, as he can't go with them. But Muten Roshi assures him that, should they fail, Yamcha is the only one left who can defeat Piccolo Daimao.

(The Earth is so fucking screwed.)

Lunch threatens Tenshinhan with violence if he doesn't come back alive. (And Chaotzu gives her a confused look that this blogger took as, "Bitch, please.")

Meanwhile, aboard Pilaf's flying base,
 Pilaf tries to win favor with Piccolo Daimao by showing him furry porn erotic art.
Then Piano lets them in on a secret...
"Fools. Piccolo-sama is taking a nap. Piccolo-sama sleeps with his eyes open."

At Kame House, Bulma has finished making a Cryo-Capsule for Kuririn's body. Laying him inside it, Lunch wonders how he can look so cool when he's dead. They all have a laugh, and Oolong makes note to give Kuririn crap about it when he's alive again. Bulma shrinks the Cryp-Capsule up, and hides the Hoi Poi Capsule in her panty drawer. Oolong thinks Kuririn's lucky, until Bulma threatens to kill him and put him in as well...

Elsewhere, Cymbal closes in on the next dragon ball...

Our hero is still wrestling the strange mountain boy when he notices the boy is wearing a different dragon ball than his own...

Turns out that the boy has had the dragon ball for three years. Which means he can't be in league with Tambourine... "Sorry about that, it looks like I made a big mistake!" Goku laughs. The boy still has no clue what he's talking about, and doesn't care; Goku still ate his breakfast...!!! Just as the boy commands Goku to throw up the fish, Cymbal arrives on the scene!

Cymbal sees that the boy has the dragon ball, and demands he hand it over. Goku realizes he must be friends with Tambourine, so he asks him if he knows anyone with stretched lips and big eyes, wings, and a bad attitude... "Could you mean... Tambourine?" "So you really are his friend!" Goku wants to beat him up now, but so does the boy. Goku argues he should get to beat him up, as his friend killed Kuririn. The boy doesn't care, saying he should get to beat him up, cause he wants to eat him for breakfast. In the end, they decide to settle it the only way two such fine gentlemen can.


"Who do you think I am?! ... I'm none other than a henchman of Piccolo Daimao-sama himself!" Cymbal shouts indignantly.
"Never heard of him." Goku says simply.

In the end, the mountain boy wins rock-paper-scissors, so Goku has to let him take on Cymbal (as is sacred hillbilly tradition). 

This has been a very bad morning for our mountain boy friend. His breakfast gets eaten by a weird strong kid, then some other strong guy who can shoot lightning out of his hands is trying to take his ball away. And people keep calling him fat!! 

 "What's a matter, fatty? Fatty!"
"I'm not fatty! I'm..."
 Introducing Yajirobe
Swordsman, Chocoholic.

Back at Pilaf's flying base, Piccolo Daimao awakes with a start...
"Cymbal has died."

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