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Dragon Ball ep 106 - Majuu Tambourine Comes!

Yajirobe finally gets his breakfast. To the bewilderment and vague disgust of Son Goku, Yajirobe eats the remains of Cymbal, son of Piccolo Daimao, with nigh Harold and Kumar Go To White Castle levels of enthusiasm. "You don't get any of it." Yajirobe reminds Goku. "I-I don't want any." A wide eyed Goku responses, oculars glued to the scene like it's a train wreck.

Piccolo Daimao can hardly believe it. Who could have killed Cymbal?
"Our deepest condolences..." Pilaf says greasily.
"He truly was such an upstanding person..." Mai chimes in.
"SILENCE! What do YOU know?! Cymbal was a child that I suffered to give birth to from my own body! HOW DARE YOU THINK YOU UNDERSTAND MY GRIEF!"
"R-right! We don't understand at all!"
"Truth is, we're not sad at all!" 

Elsewhere, in a peaceful village filled with adorable bear people, Giran is raiding their food. (You remember Giran? He participated in the 21st Tenka-ichi Budokai, and he led his own clan of dino people. Now he bullies the Bernstein bears. I'm not sure what to make of this guy.) The young boy bear promises that Giran will feel the punches of Kami-sama

 And at that moment, Tambourine attacks...!!
(The kid wasn't too far off.)
 Giran, unable to stand up to Tambourine's strength, uses his Guru Guru Gum!
 But like Goku, Tambourine breaks out of the gum.
 Giran tries to use the opportunity to take Tambourine down...
And Tambourine promises him that no one has lived 10 seconds after touching him.
Giran proves no different.

The poppa bear tries to thank Tambourine with a handshake, only to be stricken aside. No one touches him. He drops the "Demon" mark, and assures the child that he isn't Kami-sama, as he laughs and flies off... turning his gaze on his next victim...

Meanwhile, Yajirobe has finished eating Cymbal, and is hungry for another. Goku tells him that as long as he has the dragon ball, more will come after him. Yajirobe seems more concerned with Goku's lack of calling him Yajirobe-sama than flying demons. But Goku likes Yajirobe. His voice reminds him of Kuririn. "So that Kuririn or whatever guy, he must've been pretty cool, huh? After all, if our voices sound alike then our faces must look alike." "He didn't have a nose or any hair."

Yajirobe is sick of having Goku around, so he tells him to get lost. Goku obliges, but first he wants to borrow his dragon ball; after all, he wants to bring Kuririn back to life. Yajirobe doesn't understand why his stone is so important to so many people, so Goku begins to explain the whole thing...

Back at Kame House, Yamcha is doing exercises, while the rest of the gang is relaxing, certain they are safe from Piccolo Daimao and his children. Just then, Tambourine drops out from the sky asking for directions. Where is he asking for directions to, might you ask? Why, Kame House's old location. This isn't suspicious at all to Bulma, who flat out tells him that's where they used to live. Realizing who Yamcha is, and Yamcha realizing who Tambourine is, the two put up their dukes.

"You're Yamcha! Now you die!" 
"One of Piccolo Daimao's henchmen?!"
 "Oh, so you know of Piccolo Daimao-sama?" 
"You were also the one who killed Kuririn, weren't you?!" 
"You're the 8th one to die."

Yamcha and Tambourine fight it out, with Yamcha doing better at keeping up with Tambourine than either Kuririn or Goku did before him. But once he lands on his bum leg, he's locked into place and can hardly defend himself...

 That's when Lunch steps in.
(Lunch, she gives zero fucks.)
 Unfortunately, machine gun bullets have no effect on Tambourine.

Just as Tambourine goes in for the kill against Yamcha, Piccolo Daimao calls him back...! His brother, Cymbal, is dead and Tambourine must make getting revenge on his killer his top priority. Tambourine tells Yamcha he's lucky as he flies away. 

(Man, imagine if this was Daimao's fatal mistake. If leaving Yamcha alive, he enabled Yamcha to learn a technique even more powerful than the Mafuba, allowing him to not only seal Piccolo away, but finish him and his minions off forever! ... But then again... it is Yamcha. Probably a pretty safe bet to let him live.)

 At the South Pole, Kame Sen'nin, Chaotzu, and Tenshinhan have found a dragon ball.
 Being encased in ice, Ten uses a powerful ki attack to free it.
And with that, they find the 2 star ball!

Yajirobe doesn't really believe Goku's story about the dragon balls, but admits that were he dead, he'd want someone to wish him back. Goku says there's one other thing he's got to do too... "I will get the guy who murdered Kuririn!"

And Goku, he's coming to get you right now!!!

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