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Dragon Ball ep 107 - Son Goku - Anger Explosion!!

The years have been kind to Bear With Sword. Since getting his ass handed to him by Son Goku, the BWS has become Captain of a pirate crew, and upgraded from sword to sniper rifle. The Bear With Sniper Rifle also has the next dragon ball that our heroes need. He can tell that they want it badly, so he offers it to them for the price of 1 million Zeni. Kame Sen'nin searches through his wallet and offers Captain BWSR "A lottery ticket and a beer coupon for cabaret". 

 "Don't toy with me!"
Say it, don't spray it, BWSR.
(Roshi wants the news, not the weather.)

 BWSR commands his men to fire on our heroes,
but he didn't count on Chaotzu.

Captain Bear With Sniper Rifle, in the end, gives our heroes the dragon ball. That's two down, five more to go!

Yajirobe is tired of Goku following him. Goku insists he isn't following him, he's following the dragon ball - because more friends of Kuririn's murderer, or perhaps the murderer himself, will come after that ball. Yajirobe doesn't believe him, and begins to run away hoping to throw off our hero.

So Goku follows him.

Back at Pilaf's flying base, Tambourine is telepathically calling his father, Piccolo Daimao, to tell him the dragon ball and the person who killed Cymbal have moved. Using Pilaf's Dragon Radar, Mai locates the ball... which is moving at a tremendous speed! Piccolo commands Tambourine to go after it all all costs!

The two mountain hillbilly boys run until they're so hungry they both pass out. So naturally, they stop to eat... then the chase it right back on! But Yajirobe, using an uncharacteristically clever move, hops over rocks leading toward a waterfall... breaking one of the stones with his foot as he hops off of it, so when Goku leaps on it after him, he's sucked into the waterfall's currant! Yajirobe, thinking he's won, finds a nice place for a nap.

On the back of a farmer's hay truck, Yajirobe relaxes.

But Goku hasn't given up the chase yet...!!!

 And neither has Tambourine.

Tenshinhan, Muten Roshi, and Chaotzu walk into an old western town looking for their third dragon ball. Roshi locates the house the ball is in using Bulma's Dragon Radar, and Ten elects to go in and ask for it. What he finds surprises him.

This man was once a fighter. A fighter that Tenshinhan had beaten so thoroughly, he had left him crippled with a permanent limp. He had not only lost the fight against Tenshinhan, but he was disqualified from competing and put in the hospital. When he finally returned home, two and a half years had passed. Ten apologizes, saying he was foolish back then, but the man knows he didn't come all this way to tell him that. Ten asks for the dragon ball, but the man feigns ignorance... just long enough for the police to arrive.

Tenshinhan is wanted for murder. Specifically, for the murders of Kuririn, Panputto, Chapa-o, Bacterian, Namu, Manwolf, and Giran. Tambourine's murders. The police are about to arrest Tenshinhan when Muten Roshi intervenes, vouching for Ten. The police chief recognizes Muten Roshi as the god of martial arts, and accepts this as proof enough of Tenshinhan's innocence. 

"I beg of you. Let me have the dragon ball."

Seeing that Tenshinhan may have indeed changed his ways, the man gives the ball to him and Muten Roshi. Three balls down, four more to go.

Meanwhile, at Yajirobe and his dragon ball,
"He was telling the truth, wasn't he..."
Seeing Yajirobe and the dragon ball, Tambourine knows he's found his man.
"Don't touch him, Yajirobe! I'll kill Kuririn's murderer!"
"So you're alive?"
"You killed Kuririn, you killed Kinto Un, and on top of that you stole my dragon ball! I won't let you get away with this!"

Yajirobe agrees not to step in, as long as he gets to eat Tambourine when Goku kills him.

At last, the long awaited rematch is here...!!
...er, NEXT TIME!

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