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Dragon Ball ep 108 - Piccolo Daimao Makes His Landing!!

As Tenshinhan, Chaotzu, and Muten Roshi fly toward their fourth dragon ball, the old master reflects on days long gone. The time he met Son Goku, then Kuririn, and trained the two boys and took them to their first Tenka-ichi Budokai. Chaotzu snaps Roshi out of his revelry when he points out that they're nearing a ball. "This time it just might be whoever it was who killed Kuririn." Roshi ponders aloud. "Which means we might run into Goku as well." Tenshinhan says. "Hmm. That is if he's alive..."

"I don't think getting him mad would be such a good idea..."

But before Yajirobe can have his midday snack, Tambourine gets up, furious.

So he fires a giant mouth blast directly at our hero!

The smoke clears, and Goku is gone! Yajirobe prepares his sword, ready to fight his meal (Tambourine, natch) himself, when it's revealed that Goku dodged the attack easily! So Tambourine does something few of Goku's opponents have ever thought to do...

He tries to get the fuck out of there.
But Goku uses Nyoibo to chase him, shouting a familiar chant...
"Ka... me... ha... me..."


"Now Tambourine is dead as well... Just who or what is down there?!"

To add more bad news to Piccolo Daimao's plan, Pilaf's Radar discovers that someone else is collecting the dragon balls too (Team Roshi's three, approaching the fourth). So Piccolo decides to let them gather the balls, for as long as he has the four-star ball, they cannot make their wish. But for now, he commands Pilaf to take their flying base to the place where Tambourine was killed. Piccolo Daimao will now enter the fray himself.

Meanwhile, Yajirobe is irritated that Goku's Kamehameha turned Tambourine into dust - he was really looking forward to eating him. But Goku promises that as long as he has the dragon ball, more will come. So for now, they wait.

Roshi and Ten find the next dragon ball, which had been taken into a cave by crows. As crows love shiny objects, they begin to attack our old master's shiny bald head, until Chaotzu saves the day by throwing him his hat. Back in the ship, Ten argues that they should use their wish to bring Kuririn back, and use a less passive way to defeat Piccolo Daimao; like the Mafuba. Again, an exasperated Muten Roshi explains that should they use the Mafuba, and it fail, they would be in even more dire circumstances. "Do you really want Yamcha to face him all by himself?!" 

"But... I could use my Wolf Fang Fist..."
Nobody cares, Yamcha.
(Really, Puar would end up having to turn into scissors or something to defeat Piccolo.)

 However, it may never come to that... as floating high above our hillbilly heroes,
...sits Piccolo Daimao himself.

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