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Dragon Ball ep 109 - Son Goku vs. Piccolo Daimao

Muten Roshi, Tenshinhan, and Chaotzu locate the next dragon ball among a canyon. Roshi tries to grab it, but a giant boulder chases after him in Indiana Jones fashion. The old master is smashed by it, and the ball slips from his grip down into the canyon below.

"Piccolo Daimao-sama, we've arrived at our destination."
Mai accidentally alerts Goku and Yajirobe from above, via speakers.

Remembering stories about Piccolo Daimao from childhood, and realizing who he is, and what it means to have his minions after him, Yajirobe gives Son Goku his dragon ball, and says he's 'too stuffed' to eat another monster. Yajirobe wants nothing to do with the Lord of the Demon Clan. Pilaf sees Goku from his binoculars, and has a very similar reaction. He even goes as far as to warn Piccolo Daimao against facing him in combat!

"Oi! Are you the boss of the guy who killed Kuririn and stole my dragon ball?!"
"I see. So you have another one of the balls."
"So you are, aren't you?! Alright then! I'm gonna make you pay!"
"Make me pay? Hahaha! Is that so? You are going to make me pay?"
"What's so funny?!"
"It would seem you are quite proficient in the art of fighting. It appears you have killed two of the warriors I sent after you, after all."
"And I'll kill you too!"

The mighty Demon Lord collapses on the ground. But moments later, he sits up, laughing heartily. "That there is someone in this world could put my back to the ground..." Amused that he finally discovered how his underlings could be killed so easily, Piccolo prepares to fight seriously.

"When it comes to people like you..."
"...there is naturally no other choice but to be eliminated!"

 Goku is unable to stand to the incredible might of Piccolo Daimao.
So he bites him.
This angers the piss out of the Daimao.

Piccolo Daimao begins to fire a barrage of ki at our hero. The ground around Goku explodes like a mine field, throwing him around. But Goku can tell that the Demon Lord is missing on purpose. He's toying with Goku now. Making him suffer.

"Ahahahaha! No matter how hard you struggle, you have no hope for victory. You cannot escape. It appears death is your only remaining option."

"Ka... me... ha... me..."
Piccolo Daimao momentarily loses his shit, believing that Goku will use the Mafuba. When he sees that it's just a ki blast like the Kamehameha, he's relieved.
When the smoke from Goku's massive Kamehameha clears, Piccolo Daimao stands unscathed - after having taken a direct hit...!!!

"Now then... it's time to die."

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