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Dragon Ball ep 110 - Don't Give Up, Son Goku!

Piccolo Daimao has beaten Son Goku utterly.

Grinning horribly, Piccolo tells our hero it is time to beg for mercy, or prepare for death. Goku stubbornly refuses to do either.

 The Demon Lord begins to focus his ki.
 He fires his final attack at our hero...
 ...who dodges it spectacularly! 
 But in the air with no where to run, Piccolo fires again...
 ...Landing a direct hit.
And Son Goku's heart stops beating.

Piccolo checks that Goku is truly dead. He is. Laughing, Piccolo Daimao takes the dragon ball from around Goku's neck, and flies back up to Pilaf's flying base. Now that Tambourine and Cymbal's killer is dead, Piccolo only needs to go after whoever has conveniently collected the other five dragon balls.

But he should have disposed of Goku's body...

Yajirobe, who has been watching the incredible match from hiding, steps out to give Son a proper burial. (He doesn't think Goku would be very tasty.) As he approaches Goku's lifeless body, his heart begins to pump once again. Yajirobe picks up Goku and takes him to a nearby lake, letting Goku drink his full. With renewed life in him, Goku opens his eyes and makes a single request to Yajirobe: Take him to Karin Tower.

As they ride to the Land of Karin in Yajirobe's car, he warns Goku not to go after Piccolo Daimao again. He explains the story of Piccolo to Goku - how Piccolo had nearly taken over the world many years ago, and a single martial artist had sealed him away. Goku wonders how someone could be awesome enough to beat Piccolo Daimao...

As Chaotzu, Tenshinhan, and Muten Roshi find their fifth dragon ball, Bulma's Dragon Radar indicates that the other two balls are headed straight for them!

Piccolo Daimao is on his way.

Roshi has Ten fly them to an area in the mountains with a lot of rock formations they can use for cover. His plan to steal the last two dragon balls is simple.

 First they bury the balls, to buy themselves time while Piccolo searches for them.
 Ten and Roshi will sneak unto Pilaf's airship while Piccolo is looking, and take the balls.
They will toss the balls to Chaotzu, who will put them with the other five, call out Shen Long, and make their wish to have Piccolo Daimao removed from this world.

Simple, as long as Piccolo doesn't keep the dragon balls on himself.
Or eat them... exactly like he does.

(Why do Piccolo fangirls bother fantasizing about him having a wang when he has a tongue like that?)

Now the only way to get the last of the dragon balls is to defeat Piccolo Daimao! Tenshinhan is ready to fight, preferring this method over using Shen Long to do their dirty work. But Muten Roshi commands him to stay put. Ten won't let Roshi go by himself, refusing to take his order. Roshi reassures Ten that he won't die, as he drank the Furofushi water - no aging, no dying. 

Then Roshi uses some type of chloroform spray (why does he keep that on him?) to knock out Ten. He says that there is no such thing as Furofushi water, but that Tenshinhan and Goku are the only people who might be able to defeat Piccolo Daimao - but not today. Only after much training can they achieve Piccolo's level of power. 

"Give everyone my regards."

Muten Roshi shouts at Chaotzu that the plan has changed, and that he should do nothing and stay hidden, no matter what happens.

"Come down here, Piccolo! The Dragon Balls are down here!"

"Oh, so you know who I am. You're very well informed. But challenging me despite knowing who I am... I cannot call you very smart! I will admit, though, that you have courage."

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