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Dragon Ball ep 111 - Kame Sen'nin's Final Mafuba!!

At Kame House, the DB crew has a second Dragon Radar rigged up to the television to monitor Roshi co.'s process. Oolong spots that all seven Dragon Balls were gathered, then two of them disappeared - but Dragon Balls would only disappear if someone or something swallowed them. Lunch points out that this means that Kame Sen'nin and Piccolo Daimao must be in the same location! Panicked, Bulma calls their ship. Again. And again. With no answer, they wonder if they've been killed... (And privately, each wonder how fucked the world is with only Yamcha left to save it. Fucking Yamcha.)

 Muten Roshi tells Piccolo where he's hidden the Dragon Balls, and says that he may have them, stipulating that he defeat the old master first.
Tenshinhan and Chaotzu can do nothing but watch.

Piccolo Daimao is amused by the old man, bold as brass, commanding the Demon Lord. But he admits, as the old man could have only known of Piccolo second or third hand, he must not realize the true danger he is in. Roshi informs him that they've fought before. Piccolo thinks he's speaking nonsense, but Roshi explains that this is precisely why he was collecting the Dragon Balls - so that Shen Long could defeat Piccolo.

"Here. The last two Dragon Balls are right here. Come and get them."
"What's the matter? Afraid?"

But when Muten Roshi refuses to take the bait, Piccolo begins to grow paranoid. Who is this old geezer? Could he possibly...?

"Why do you oppose me?!"
"Because you're an eyesore."
"Because I can't spend my time watching dirty videos with someone like you around!"

But no matter how Piccolo attacks Muten Roshi, the old master remains resolute. "I have no desire to fight. It's unfortunate, but even with my skills I would never stand a chance against you. However, there is one way to seal you away. I told you this was not the first time I have met you! That was not nonsense! I fought you long ago alongside my master! Shall I tell you my master's name? It was Mutaito-sama."

Then Muten Roshi reveals the Denshi Jar.

Piccolo Daimao vividly recalls the last time he had seen one of those...
 "I-it can't be...!"
"You should remember this! It's the technique that Mutaito-sama used to seal you inside the Denshi Jar long ago... and thereby save the world!"
 Piccolo Daimao tries to escape, but it's too late...!
 Sacrificing his own life, Muten Roshi casts Piccolo Daimao at the Denshi Jar!
And... it misses!!!!

Muten Roshi falls to his death, but vows to Piccolo Daimao that he shouldn't feel safe. The one with the power to defeat him is still out there. And with that, the old master crumples - lifeless.

Son Goku cannot tell what it is, but something feels wrong. And he and Yajirobe must hurry even faster to Karin Tower. The sky around them turns completely black, and Yajirobe recognizes the phenomenon from three years earlier. 

 Shen Long has been summoned.

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