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Dragon Ball ep 112 - Will Piccolo Daimao Become Young Again?!

The short answer: Yes.

Piccolo Daimao has summoned Shen Long.

 Tenshinhan telepathically explains the situation to Chaotzu. The drug Muten Roshi gave him has him slipping in and out of consciousness, so Chaotzu must be the one to do it. He must say their wish before Piccolo says his!!!
 "Please remove Piccolo Daimao from this--"
 Chaotzu falls. "Ten-san..."
Tenshinhan curses as he sees Chaotzu's body limp, his voice cracking.
Chaotzu is dead.

"Speak. What is your wish?"
"Make me young again! As I was back when I was overflowing with power!"

"This is it! This immense sense of power! It's mine once more! I'm young again!"

 "Your wish has been granted. Fare thee well."
"Unfortunately, that will not be happening."
In one attack, Shen Long is dead.

With no one left who can oppose him, Piccolo boards Pilaf's flying base and commands they head for King Castle. Pilaf advises against it, as King Castle has an army full of modern weapons. But when Piccolo glares at him, and Piano calls him a fool, Pilaf shuts up. Then Pilaf brings up the matter of payment. After all, he did rescue Piccolo Daimao from the Denshi Jar, and assist him in gathering all seven Dragon Balls. "How much of the world do you suppose you will bestow upon me? 1/5, no, 1/10 is just fine!"

("It looks like Team Pilaf is blasting off again!")

King Castle.

Two representative farmers from a remote community stricken with drought are having an audience with the King. Half a year of drought, and if the King does nothing they will be doomed. The King, a kindly ruler who cares deeply for keeping the peace, says that he'll dispatch a water supply crew at once.

Introducing The King
The King of The World
(also a dog with a mustache.)
"The people's happiness is my happiness."
(Only a dog would be such a kind, loyal ruler.)

Tenshinhan mourns the deaths of Muten Roshi and Chaotzu, furious at the ruthless and now even more powerful Piccolo Daimao. He wants revenge, but at his level there's nothing he can do! Then, Ten notices the Denshi Jar... The Mafuba is the answer...!

Goku and Yajirobe are nearing Karin Tower. Yajirobe is skeptical over the whole thing, but trusts that Goku wouldn't lie to him when it comes to food. Seeing no more signal from the Dragon Balls on Turbo's Dragon Radar, Goku figures that Piccolo Daimao got his wish - though what he would want to wish for escapes our hero. "So this guy you want to see, what's he like?" Yajirobe asks. "He's a god of martial arts, his name's Karin-sama. He trained me a long time ago." "God of martial arts? Who's stronger, him or Piccolo Daimao?" Goku pauses. "Hm. I'm not really sure..." Yajirobe begins to imagine Goku is taking him to meet some kind of monster...

Upon arrival at the Land of Karin, Upa and Bora greet our hero fondly.

Goku and Yajirobe are at Karin Tower.
Tenshinhan is training to learn the Mafuba.
Piccolo Daimao is headed straight for King Castle.
The final showdown is sure to come soon...!!

"Pilaf-sama! Don't you think we're total losers?!"
"Shut up!"

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