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Dragon Ball ep 89 - Horrifying!! The Full Moon Grudge!

Bitches love Jackie Chun. No, really.

But not Manwolf. This is why Manwolf hates Jackie Chun.

Let's back up a bit; Manwolf is a wolf that turns into a man whenever he sees the full moon. Three years ago, at the 21st Tenka-ichi Budokai final, Son Goku and Jackie Chun (secretly his master Muten Roshi in disguise) were fighting it out for the championship. Unable to defeat Goku in a contest of strength, Jackie used his ultimate attack, Bankokubikkuri-sho - an attack which turns ki into electricity, and that only Son Gohan had ever survived before.

Manwolf watches the fight from the audience, three years ago.

Goku wasn't meant to escape. He was supposed to concede the match to Jackie. He refused for some time, but when it became clear he couldn't escape, he began to admit defeat. "For me, it was a sudden event." Manwolf explains.

Son Goku transformed into an Oozaru, a giant, fearsome monkey beast, at the sight of the full moon. With no other choice, Jackie Chun used his full powered Kamehameha to blow up the moon!

This is why Manwolf hates Jackie Chun.

"Thanks to you, I'll be a wolf for the rest of my life!"
Manwolf explains as the two warriors meet in the Budokai ring.
"I can't even ask a girl for the time of day now! Do you have any idea what I've gone through?!"
"Not at all."

For three years Manwolf trained for his revenge. Martial artists who fought him in the preliminaries were in awe of his power, his strength, his ferocity. "Ever since then, its been, 'Stay away from me. I hate hairy men.' I've been rejected for these past three years!" Manwolf cries. "In that case, why not find a wolf girlfriend?" Jackie suggests. "I hate hairy girls! Cute human girls are what I like!"

Unfortunately, all that training was for naught; Jackie Chun is simply too fast and too skilled for Manwolf to keep up with. Watching from ringside, Tenshinhan tells Chaotzu that he's never fought a real master like Chun before - and that he is excited for the semi-finals! Kuririn and Goku are surprised that Tenshinhan and Chaotzu can float as they watch the Budokai! They have mastered the flying technique, Bukujutsu.

But Jackie is not an unkind man. He says that if Manwolf concedes the match, he will turn him into a human. Manwolf doesn't believe him, so Jackie has to end the fight using skill.

Jackie Chun wins!

 So Jackie calls Kuririn into the ring, 
 and hypnotizes Manwolf into believe that
 Kuririn's bald head is the full moon!
 "Wow! You're actually a great guy! Now I can pick up girls!"
"He might have been better off as a wolf..."

Back at the hospital, Yamcha wants to leave to watch the rest of the fights. So as Bulma helps him walk back, a couple other hospitalized Budokai hopefuls cat call and wolf whistle; embarrassing Yamcha and angering Bulma.

 And she steps on Yamcha's foot.
Happy to have you back to your old self, Yamcha.

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