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Dragon Ball ep 90 - Not The Dodonpa!!

Round 3 of the 22nd Tenka-ichi Budokai is about to get underway. The battle between Kame Sen'nin's Turtle School and Tsuru Sen'nin's Crane School continues, as Kuririn vs Chaotzu. Chaotzu may not look like much, but he possesses a variety of deadly techniques! Most poignant being Bukujutsu (Sky Dancing Technique), Tsuru Sen'nin's signature move!

Chaotzu launches into a combo that sends Kuririn flying, aided by his Bukujutsu! Kuririn tries to land back at Chaotzu in a deadly counter, but it's easily dodged by more Bukujustu. Kuririn jumps into the air to meet him in hand-to-hand, but they're equals in melee!

Unfortunately, Kuririn can't remain in the air for the extended time Chaotzu can, so our Moon Head hero is backed into quite a corner! But while Kuririn can't fly, he does have Kame Sen'nin's signature technique, the Zanzoken! As he zips at Chaotzu, Tenshinhan shouts for his lover and comrade to look to his left side - but Chaotzu doesn't know his left from his right! As Chaotzu tries to figure out which hand hold the chopsticks, and which holds the bowl, Kuririn clocks him!

Kuririn flies into a furious flurry of karate, barreling Chaotzu toward the end of the ring. Things seem to be going well - Chaotzu is only just keeping up with Kuririn's speed - when Chaotzu once more takes to the air!

"Get ready! Now I'll attack you!"


Kuririn only just dodges the deadly ki attack, the Tsuru Sen'nin signature move, Dodonpa. But Goku's seen this attack used by someone before... a very specific someone...

"That's it! It's the same technique Tao Pai Pai used..."

Tenshinhan and Jackie Chun are both surprised to learn that Goku fought, defeated, and killed (albeit by Tao's own design) the world's most notorious assassin, Tao Pai Pai!

Tenshinhan leaves to tell his master, and Jackie warns Goku why this is bad!
Tsuru Sen'nin is Tao Pai Pai's older brother!

Tsuru Sen'nin is furious to hear that one of Kame Sen'nin's students killed his brother, and though both he and Tenshinhan are certain it was freak accident more than skill, he is determined to have vengeance! "Chaotzu! You've had enough playtime! Kill him!"

But Kuririn, who thinks he's figured out a way to finally bring Chaotzu down, might not be so easily killed!

Kamehameha vs Dodonpa?!

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