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Dragon Ball ep 91 - A Comeback!! Kuririn's Gr-eight Strategy!

Tsuru Sen'nin has learned of his younger brother's death at the hand of Son Goku, and has given Chaotzu to order to kill Kuririn as revenge. Kame Sen'nin looks on in horror as Kuririn prepares to block Chaotzu's deadly Dodonpa with his hastily acquired Kamehameha. But as Chaotzu unleashes his most powerful Dodonpa, Kuririn uses the Zanzoken to avoid it and appear behind him... Hammering Chaotzu with his first real Kamehameha!!

Chaotzu is nearly sent crashing out of the ring, but manages to catch himself using Bukujutsu at the last moment. Roshi thinks to himself that, had he taught Kuririn the Kamehameha properly, he would have ended the match with that attack alone. Needless to say, everyone is impressed with Kuririn's tenacity; even Chaotzu.

Chaotzu takes off his cap, which means he's serious!! He smashes into Kuririn with his head - as hard as a diamond - in a barrage of tornado attacks! (He sneaks up and hits him like a fucking tornado.) Kuririn finally throws out his hands and catches him, narrowly avoiding losing by ring out! Then, Kuririn counterattacks!!

But Kuririn's assault is cut short when Chaotzu freezes him with his psychic abilities! Chaotzu hammers away at our hero with a kicking combo, turning Kuririn's head into a living soccer ball. But that's when Kuririn has a brainwave! Chaotzu needs his hands free in order to keep Kuririn frozen - so if he can take care of Chaotzu's hands, he can take care of Chaotzu!

 "What's 3 + 4?!" 
 "Let me think..."
Chaotzu's weakness: Math.
(Mine too, Chaotzu. Mine too.)

"9 - 1?!"
 Ring out! Kuririn wins!!
"The answer is 8!"

After the match is won, our heroes visit Yamcha in the hospital to tell him the good news of Kuririn's victory. Back at the Crane camp, Tsuru Sen'nin is giving Chaotzu strict mathematics tutoring.

Tsuru Sen'nin is filled with rage as he recalls times spent with his little brother, Tao Pai Pai. And that night, he sneaks out of bed to get his revenge; to assassinate Son Goku!

 But Goku wakes up before Tsuru Sen'nin can make a strike!
 He tries to flee, but Goku and Kuririn chase after him.
 Kuririn unmasks him, revealing Tsuru Sen'nin's face.
 But before the grudge match between Tsuru Sen'nin and Son Goku can escalate further, Tenshinhan steps in the middle of them!
Tenshinhan wishes to avenge Tao Pai Pai himself, in the ring.

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