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Dragon Ball ep 92 - At Long Last! Enter Son Goku!!

Panputto is serious business.
 He's a martial arts champion.
 Movie star.
 Action hero.
 And ladies love him.
 Including Bulma.

So when Panputto refuses to listen to his manager's warnings about his upcoming opponent, Son Goku, the manager fears for his investment. Panputto acknowledges that Goku must be strong - he was the runner-up at the last Tenka-ichi Budokai - but doesn't know the half of it. His manager has discovered the dark rumor encircling the boy; That he singlehandedly defeated the entire fearsome Red Ribbon Army. The manager won't let his star fall without intervening. 

"They moved the tournament?!"
"Yeah, all the other fighters are already there! Hurry and get in! You'll miss the match if we don't hurry!"
(Goku, ain't your mother ever teach you not to get in BMWs with well-dressed strangers? ...oh, right.)

 "Oi, Goku! Your ice cream..."
 "What the hell? I was tryin' to be nice for once!"
"Here. I'm borrowing this."

Lunch chases after Panputto's manager and body guards on her "borrowed" motorbike, eventually running them into a dead end. The body guards hop out of their BMW to show her what's-the-what...

So Lunch beats the shit out of them. (Epic ice cream throw!) She informs Goku that he's been tricked by this thugs, and to get back to the Budokai before he's disqualified. The manager begs for his life as Goku runs away, leaving him alone with Lunch.

Back at the Tenka-ichi Budokai, Panputto and Mr. A stand in the ring awaiting Goku's arrival. Panputto remarks that he gets deserters at the time, and Mr. A reluctantly begins to call the match... when Son Goku arrives! Panputto tells Goku he might have been better off staying away... then throws a punch at Goku! Goku doesn't flinch, with surprising everyone, including Panputto. 

"It didn't seem like a very strong punch."

The match begins, and Panputto tells Goku he'll end the fight in 30 seconds.

 But in one hit, Panputto is down!!
Son Goku wins!

"It wasn't a single attack! He deflected his opponent's quick punch with his right arm, and used his left arm to elbow him three times!"
"That brat... he's no ordinary kid after all!"
"I see. He really may have defeated Tao Pai Pai..."
 "This tournament is finally becoming interesting."

Yes it is.

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