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Dragon Ball ep 93 - Equally Strong!! Tenshinhan vs Jackie!

The first round of the semi-finals begins soon. Tenshinhan has been warned by Tsuru Sen'nin not to take Jackie lightly, and he intends not to; but his true target is Tao Pai Pai's killer, Son Goku. Kuririn and Goku wish to see Yamcha revenged, and vow that if Jackie Chun does not get it for him, one of them will. Jackie, on the other hand, is preoccupied looking at breasts.

Finally, the contestants are called into the ring. The seasoned veteran vs the young hot shot. Turtle vs Crane. Kame Sen'nin (aka Jackie Chun) vs Tenshinhan, Tsuru Sen'nin's number one student. "Now I get to see just how good you really are." Ten says, as they face each other in the ring. "Now, now, there's no need to be so apprehensive..." Jackie says calmly.

Tenshinhan launches at Chun, despite seeing that the old master has a solid defense. The two trade blows, equally matching each other in speed and ability, until Chun grabs hold of Ten's leg and chucks him from the ring! But Tenshinhan uses Bukujutsu to catch himself (to everyone's astonishment except Kuririn, Goku, Chaotzu, and Tsuru Sen'nin). He lands, then launches another assault on Jackie.

 Jackie dodges, and the two fighters take to the skies!
 High above the arena, they trade attacks until Jackie knocks Ten away.
They land, and Jackie announces that it's his turn!!
Jackie Chun dances around Tenshinhan with a massive Zanzoken!!
 Jackie hammers away at Tenshinhan, zipping around him in such speeds that it appears as if eight different Jackies are fighting Tenshinhan!
 But using his keen eyesight, Ten spots the flaw in Jackie's strategy!
 There's always a real one!!!

"There is no fooling my three eyes." Tenshinhan chuckles mirthlessly. "I see. You're really something." Jackie Chun admits. "It appears I, too, must now fight seriously..."

"I can't believe such an old man exists...! I don't know who he is, but his skills surpass Tsuru Sen'nin's!" Tenshinhan thinks as he gazes at his rival.

"Who is this man?! He's taking my techniques head-on... He possesses such unimaginable strength!" Muten Roshi chuckles to himself. "It would appear a new generation's era has finally come..." He smiles.

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