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Dragon Ball ep 94 - Yikes! The New Crane Hermit Style's Taiyoken

Tenshinhan vs Jackie Chun. They seem evenly matched, but the fight is far from over. Ten leaps into the sky, straight toward the sun glaring overhead, blinding Jackie as he tries to follow him. Ten lunges down at Jackie, but the old master kicks out at the young hot shot - and the two engage in a furious melee! Still evenly matched, Ten and Jackie exchange blow after blow until Tenshinhan lands a kick to Jackie's face... sending him flying!!

Jackie Chun is nearly thrown from the Tenka-ichi Budokai ring! He gets up, and he and Tenshinhan lock themselves in an intense grapple...!!

(Tenshinhan hasn't been that close to another man since that morning, with Chaotzu, in the Men's Room.)

Tenshinhan launches a volley of head-butts, trying to shake the old master off, but Jackie is just too strong! Jackie Chun musters his incredible strength and flips over Tenshinhan, breaking their grapple! The crowd is stunned by how powerful, and seemingly equal, these two opponents are! 

"As strong as you are, why do you insist on sticking with Tsuru Sen'nin?"
"What do you know?! Insult my master and I'll make you pay!"
"And how do you intend to make me pay?"
"Very well. I'll fight you seriously for a brief moment."

(Solar Attack)
A bright light explodes off of Tenshinhan, like the very sun itself, blinding the audience and Jackie alike! Only Mr. Announcerman and Tsuru Sen'nin are safe, because they both wear sunglasses!

Jackie Chun is knocked out cold and unmoving. As the spectators' eyesight returns to them, they see Tenshinhan standing over the broken old master, chuckling. "I won't kill him. I can't fight in the next round if I let him die. But the old man will never regain consciousness!"

"I really felt that!"

Tenshinhan is utterly surprised by Jackie Chun. He's never faced anyone like him! "Why do you refuse to use such techniques for good?" Jackie asks him. "Why do you follow the path of evil? Break your ties with Tsuru Sen'nin! Break free from the easy path of darkness! Try entering the world of light!" Tenshinhan shouts back at him, "I've had enough of your crap! I'll shut that loud mouth of yours up!"

But every punch, every kick, every attack Ten throws, 
 Jackie Chun can match him equally.

Tsuru Sen'nin is beginning to realize Jackie Chun's secret. 

"What's the matter?" Jackie asks Ten, after the latter finally gets a good kick in. "Run out of techniques, have you? Do you feel lost now?" Tenshinhan bites back fury. "What? Are you still talking like that?!" "I'm not saying anything particularly grand. I'm simply saying that living a simple and happy life makes this world the most fun. Well? Don't you agree, young one?" Tenshinhan grimaces at Jackie.

"Or do you prefer a life like Tsuru Sen'nin's, where everyone hates you?!" 

At that moment, Tsuru Sen'nin realizes who Jackie is, and speaks to him via his mind; "Hey! Look behind you! There's a gorgeous girl calling for you!" 


Tsuru Sen'nin tells Tenshinhan telepathically that Jackie Chun is really Kame Sen'nin in disguise! Muten Roshi, seeing his ruse is over, asks Ten to please keep it a secret from everyone else, and that he meant what he said; Tenshinhan's strength is going to waste. Ten is tired of talking, and promises to show Kame Sen'nin something interesting! "Is it a dirty book?" "Why would I show you that?!"


Tenshinhan unleashes a Kamehameha powerful enough to bring the entire arena apart, and all the fans with it! Muten Roshi takes the blast in full, deflecting it into the sky with his hands!! Tenshinhan assures Roshi that he can use any technique of that quality after seeing it only once! (Granted, so can Son Goku...) "I'm so delighted! I'm thrilled!" Roshi says, smiling, without any hint of sarcasm. "Walk the path of light and become someone great!" "Are you still stuck on that?!" Tenshinhan snaps.

With utmost dignity, and leaving no one more shocked than Tenshinhan, Muten Roshi steps out of the ring.

Tenshinhan Wins!
But he doesn't feel like it. He can't fathom how or why Roshi would quit... when he can tell the old man wasn't using his full strength!!

But this match is over. Now it is Turtle School vs Turtle School, for the chance to avenge Yamcha in the final round against Tenshinhan!!
Goku vs Kuririn!!!
Who will win?!
(No spoilers in the comments, please.)

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